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Good news for LOΛEs! On August 20, Nu'est released a series of individual teaser images, followed by a group image. According to the corresponding tweets, it appears NU’EST will be releasing their fifth mini album, “Canvas", on August 29. The members sport new hairstyles and more casual clothing as they gaze at the camera in the revealed images, hinting at what’s more to come. Check out the teaser photos below!






Around six months since their last mini album, “Q Is", which was released February 17, 2016, and its accompanying title track “Overcome”, the group seems to have shed the dark concepts in favor of a lighter, more ethereal one.

Here is little about Nu'est♡

Since I don't know much about them and some of you may not be all that familiar with them. Check out their bio below! Nu'est is formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2012. For more info about them, click here
Birth Name: Kim Jong Hyun Stage Name: JR (Junior Royal) Nickname: Bangkok City Boy Birthday: June 8, 1995 Position: Leader, Main Rapper, and Main Dancer Height: 178 cm Weight: 58 kg Blood Type: O Specialty: Dance and Rap Jesus.. this guy is extremely gorgeous!! What have I been missing??
English Name: Aaron Kwak Korean Name: Kwak Young Min Stage Name: Aron Birthday: May 21, 1993 Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper (English Rapper), Lead Dancer Height: 176 cm Weight: 57 kg Blood Type: A Instagram: @nuestaron Twitter: @AronMusicAccess -He's from Los Angeles, California, United States He is a mega CUTIE!
Birth Name: Kang Dong Ho Stage Name: Baekho Nickname: Eye-Smiled Prince Birthday: July 21, 1995 Position: Main Vocalist Height: 179 cm Weight: 63 kg Blood Type: AB Very handsome!!
Birth Name: Hwang Min Hyun Stage Name: Minhyun Nickname: Shanghai Boy Birthday: August 9, 1995 Position: Lead Vocalist, Composer, Face of the Group Height: 181 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: O Omg he is so adorable!! He looks like an angel!
Birth Name: Choi Min Ki Stage Name: Ren Birthday: November 3, 1995 Position: Vocalist and Maknae Height: 178 cm Weight: 56 kg Blood Type: O Twitter: @choigoren Wow he's so beautiful!
I think I'm going to try them out :) Are you guys looking forward to Nu'est comeback? Who's your bias? Comment down below! 》Credit to Soompi 《 *Photos, videos, and gif does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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excited......but then i remebered 4minute had a song named canvas 😥😥😥
I love nu'est I think their great
I recently started getting into them. Ren is my bias. As you said, he's so beautiful. Check out Face
Baekho is my love ♡•♡