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My cards for the ACEO Traiding-Card-Event on Vingle. I chose "Nana" for the shoujo-category and "Ranma 1/2" for the shounen-category. There is one funny fact about both cards, namely that on the "Nana"-card you can see Nana and Nana and on the "Ranma 1/2"-card you can see Ranma and Ranma XD Since I thought that I had to hand them in today, I really had to rush... And now I'm totally disappointed in the result... I hope you'll like them after all... ...Oh my, I forgot Nanas Tattoo and Earrings ... - Added them already in the original...
lovley <3 they look wonderful, i like (blond)nana's smile she looks so cute. the idea of nana+nana and ranma+ranma is really funny <3 female ranma has such a wonderful smile :D and it looks like she has kind of a teethgap. its sooo cute >w<
ich kenne es leider nicht, aber ich mag ihre Pose und ihr Profil. Die Haare der beiden sehen klasse aus. sehr schön!
ok hab nicht gecheckt, das hier beide Karten sind ^^° Ranma 1/2 war echt cool! Schade das es nie weiterging. Ich finde es etwas schade, das der HG einfarbig ist, aber die beiden sehen klasse aus