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So my favorite thing about MinHyuk.....everything. He's the other member of BTOB that is top on my list. I've showed a little bit about his athleticism and running ability, but the next two videos show just how much of an all around athlete he really is. This first one is the second part of the Idol Iron Man Special. They filmed from 7 pm to 7 am. The athlete idols competed against each other in a whole series of different events. Some events involved strength, some speed, some agility, and the whole competition dealt with stamina. When one idol wins over half of the events, you know he is something special.
This second clip is just MinHyuk cuts from the vault special. He is amazing to watch and shows absolutely no fear. He still holds the record for this event, and MinHyuk is ONLY 5' 8" (shorter than me). When he was asked his secret to his jumping, he said it was due to Melody being there and supporting him.
I love MinHyuk's voice. Not only is he a rapper but he sings very well also. My favorite song cover he does is Wash Away because he both sings and raps.
He also plays guitar and acts. This clip is from Sweet Savage Family, a dramedy he starred in this past December. I thought he did a great job in Nightmare Teacher also.
I love that MinHyuk readily admits he is the Eomma of BTOB. There are clips where Ilhoon actually does call him Eomma and Minhyuk agrees.
MinHyuk is not afraid to be silly, goofy, or downright dorky. I love that about him. He and his dog even have matching outfits.
MinHyuk is also one of the most beautiful idols when dressed as a girl. Geez, he's much prettier than I am. He isn't afraid to go on stage that way and perform. We know all of BTOB has cross dressed and performed girl group songs, but MinHyuk was also apart of the group Boy's Day. This is the Music Core 400th Show Special.
MinHyuk goes from a cute cinnamon roll to WOW in no time.....
Cute Cinnamon roll
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this is the best day. Any card doting Squishy is a good day...more i need more heehe
This is such a great celebration of the wonderful things that make Minhyuk who he is. He's such an impressive athlete and I love that he is Eomma. I love the dynamic between Appa and Eomma so much and that Minhyukkie willingly takes it on. Also, Hamo!!! Need I say more?