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Chapter 21
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Nana POV
Seokjin and Nana arrived at the soccer field and searched for a place to sit. Nana spotted Jimin right away and didn’t recognize the person sitting next to him. When the girl turned in Nana’s direction Nana realized it was [Y/N]. Nana stared at [Y/N] disapproving while [Y/N] nervously waved at Nana. “Let’s sit over there Oppa,” Nana said grabbing Seokjin’s hand and pulling him toward [Y/N] and Jimin.
“Omg! [Y/N] I totally forgot you were going to be here,” Nana said as she sat down next to her. Seokjin waved over at [Y/N] and shined her a sweet smile. “Hi sunbae,” [Y/N] said returning the same. “What you’re going to ignore your best friend [Y/N]. I’m a little hurt,” Nana said pretending to pout and leaned into Seokjin. [Y/N] giggled but didn’t say anything and turned her attention toward the soccer field. This caused Nana to raise her lip slightly into a snarl.
A lot of yelling erupted from the soccer field and the crowd soon followed. Nana watched as the team came running out onto the field and instantly lost interest. She didn’t want to be there but she had to be. ‘Please make this game hurry up,’ Nana thought as she tapped her foot. “Are you okay Nana,” Seokjin asked with concern.
“I’m great oppa! Do you like soccer oppa?”
“I do actually. A friend of mine plays on the team.”
This comment perked Nana’s interest. She let a sly smile snake her face. “Oh yeah, who is that?”
“You probably wouldn’t know him. He’s older. Oh look the game is starting.”
Nana rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the field. The next two hours or so were going to be painful.
You hadn’t ever seen a soccer game so it was all very exciting to you. It also helped that Taehyung was playing, it kept your interest. You tried to watch just Taehyung but every member on the team was doing so well your eyes kept moving. Jimin would chime in every once in awhile explaining to you what was going on. Why someone got a yellow card or why penalty kicks were happening. It was a lot to take in but you did your best to follow.
The half time whistle was blown and everyone cheered. With the score being 1-0 your school was winning. Jin stood up asking, “Would anyone like something to drink or eat?” You noticed Jimin get up and offer to go with him so you continued to sit there. You had a bottle of water already and you only assumed you would be eating with Taehyung after the game. Besides your nerves were too strung to feel like eating at the moment.
You looked up at Seokjin and Jimin and said, “ Nah, I’m good. I got water.” Seokjin smiled sweetly at you and then turned his attention to Nana. “What would you like Nana,” Seokjin asked kindly. “Whatever is fine oppa,” Nana responded sounding put out. On that note, both Seokjin and Jimin headed toward the concessions.
“Did you somehow turn him straight,” Nana asked bitterly as soon as the boys were out of earshot. You looked over at her in shock at how she could ask such a question so easily. “No, Nana. And please keep your voice down,” you said as you put your finger to your lips. Nana rolled her eyes and messed with her sunglasses on her face. You looked over at her with worry. “Nana,” you started. She looked over at you, her mouth straight. You couldn’t tell how her eyes looked since she was wearing sunglasses.
“Did I do something to upset you? You suddenly became so cold to me. I’ve been trying to meet up with you. Are you mad at me? Please. Just tell me.”
Nana stared at you. You watched as her mouth curled into a smile similar to that as the chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland. “No you are fine [Y/N]. Sorry I have been distant. I’ve been busy hanging out with oppa. He’s so cute isn’t he! Oh my gosh, he is so sexy.”
“He is good looking. He’s really nice too. I hope he is treating you well.”
“He does I guess. I don’t really care about those things though.”
“You should Nana, he seems to like you.”
Nana didn’t respond to you so you sat on the bench in awkward silence waiting for Jin and Jimin to get back.
Jimin POV
“So are you dating Nana’s friend,” Seokjin asked Jimin as soon as they walked away from the girls. Jimin looked up at Seokjin and couldn’t help but think how innocent he looked. “Nah, [Y/N] and I are just friends. She has a thing for my cousin who is on the soccer team,” Jimin responded.
“Oh yeah? Who? I have a friend on the team.”
“Kim Taehyung is my cousin. Who is your friend?”
“Jung Hoseok.”
“Jung Hoseok, really? I hang out with him all the time!”
Seokjin’s face lit up and smiled down at Jimin. “Really? He’s so funny. Sometimes a little too high energy for me but he is a dear friend.”
“I can understand that. Is that why you and Nana came to the soccer game? I don’t see Nana being interested in sports.”
“No we are actually suppose to go on a double date after the game I guess. Nana set it up but it might be awkward for me. I’m quite a bit older.”
Jimin stopped walking and grabbed Seokjin’s arm lightly. “Wait you’re going on a double date?” Seokjin looked down at Jimin a little confused and gently moved his arm out of Jimin’s grasp. He nodded at Jimin and said, “Yeah, with a friend of Nana’s from the soccer team. I’m not sure who, she hasn’t told me.” Jimin nodded and the boys continued to the concessions stand. ‘It couldn’t be Taehyung, could it,’ Jimin asked himself as they continued.
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