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I know I am a fan of Sasuke and Sakura but honestly I wouldn't mind this happening instead ❤
I think I would be cool with this if it hadn't been for that time she confessed her love for him to get him to stop going after Sasuke because she thought it was all about her, and everyone knew she was full of shit. I know she meant well, but that was really not ok with me😡 That was really unfair to Naruto
I know I want to be respectful about ships but that is the only ship I hate along with a few others
hinata should have died when she fought pein. that would have been so perfect. Naruto snapping would have been that much more deep.
this is the ship i really wanted to happen. to be honest the story the author could have created with Sakura and Naruto could have been so much more brilliant. Dont get me wrong i like Hinata but i am bigger Sakura fan. plus the way they played out hinata's story was just bullshit. The Last movie was crap all the way through, every single second. I will always be a naruto sakura fan even though the canon has been set.
shiipppp :(((
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