Size is round about 14 cm x 14 cm, don´t know what is was exactly This is a littel pic for my little brother, because he had birthday in June, and he always thinking he´s a sailor or something like that, but he never was on a boat XD cute. So I drew this seagull... made whit water colours, white ink, white ball pen
hahaha that's so adorable <3 <3 you are so good at drawing animals! I wish I was this talented, my animals just end up looking like anime characters xD (maybe I should go easy on the sparkly eyes haha) I love your free and spirited colouring technique! You really capture the charm of watercolouring perfectly :) I love it :D Your brother sounds adorable hahaha I bet he was the luckiest boy alive that day!
thats sweet of you to present this to your little brother and surely he would like it very much. me too