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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobts bringing you another series. If you want to be updated then follow my fanfiction collection.

Mature Content

Yall know the drill

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Besos and Blessings up!

I'm sorry but girls we have a problem on our hands. Drop whatever you are doing!" Koko yelled. Koko grabbed me and Jessamine.Jungkook and Jimin followed. I wondered what was going on. Koko eyes were wild and she walked super fast. "Koko slow down your thoughts are all jumbled up chica." Jessamine said. "Don't use that mind reading ish on me Jessamine! Just get prepared." Koko said Suddenly we see Tiffani and her friends Sunny and Willow jumping Maddie. Jessamine quickly jumped in while Koko followed her. I tired to jump in but Jungkook held me back. At first it was just a normal fist fight but then Tiffani hit Jessamine in the face and all hell broke loose. There was fire balls flying all over the place. Koko, Maddie, and Jessamine went straight up crazy on those girls. Jimin jumped in and pulled Jessamine away. Tae and Hobi showed up at the perfect time to help restrain their girlfriends. We quickly ran away before the school guards jumped in. We ran to Namjoon's room. He was half dressed looking good as always. He wasn't fazed about us just randomly running into his room. "I will kill that little bitch!" Maddie yelled as Hobi tried to calm her down. "What the hell happened back there?" I ask after hugging Namjoon. "Tiffani and her bitches tried jumping me. She ran back to get Jessamine. I'm so sick of fighting off these females." Maddie said. "I am tired too. You all need to stop dealing with these hoes for real guys. This is too much." Jessamine said. "What's too much is you almost cooking everyone in that hall alive baby. You really need to chill." Jimin said. Jessamine quickly moved away from Jimin. Her eyes were turning green. "Are you defending those hoes? They were jumping one of my besties and you thought I was just going to sit back. You got me fucked up Park Jimin! You all don't know half the shit we have to deal with by being yall girlfriends." "Amen!" Maddie, Koko, I say together. Namjoon looked at me. "So these females are bothering you too?" "Yeah they are sending me hate mail. The laugh at me when I'm alone. Some girl sent me photos of you and her having sex too. Are you fucking around Kim Namjoon?" I say. "Awe shit not really." Namjoon says. "Ah shit is getting real in here." Yoongi says while closing his laptop. "Yeah we need to leave yall alone." Jimin says. "No she has a point are yall cheating on us? We know about that website. These hoes are throwing it in our faces." Jessamine says. "There is no website." Tae says. "Are you gonna fucking lie in our faces? We know about this Magix Sluts website. Koko says. "Tell us the truth!" Maddie yells. "We are no longer as active on that website. We stopped uploading daily stuff. Personally I wasn't for it. But Tae, Jimin, and Namjoon got soft as fuck since they have been dating you girls. But if we do upload something it's Jungkook, me, or Jin." Yoongi said. "Yeah we actually care about you all. We couldn't be with yall and still fucking these hoes." Hobi said.
The performances at The Lounge was fire! The guys sold so many cds and merchandise. Jessamine and Koko were selling T shirt after shirt. I was busy with Maddie passing out cds. We had a fun night. I had no idea that Koko, Jessamine, and Maddie was part of a band too. They were performing next weekend. After a long night partying Namjoon and I sit on the schools lawn and look up at the stars. He was easily naming random stars. Sometimes I forget how smart he really is. I was slowly not missing my family and enjoying my new family here. "You know I love being with you. You make me feel normal. All the other girls are so obviously attracted to me and they seem superficial and thirsty. But you are different." Namjoon says. "Well I am super into you Namjoon. I may not express too much but all I do is think about you. When I'm listening to music, eating lunch, brushing my hair, even touching myself....." "Wait you think about me when you touch yourself? Wow!" Namjoon says. "Oh shit did I say that? I can't think straight around you." I say while blushing. "I do the same...think about you when I touch myself." He says while sliding into a deep kiss. His lips feel so good. I want him so bad but I don't want him to think I'm that easy. The moonlight and the stars were so pretty. I wish I had brought a condom cuz I was so in the mood. Namjoon pulled away and laid his head on my lap. He began humming as I ran my hands through his now dyed blonde hair. He loved it when I rubbed his head. "I just could stay like this and my Flame." Namjoon says. Honestly I felt the same. My life has been so empty but now I love living. Kim Namjoon is my fuel my reason to be.
I was a new semester and I was super excited for some new classes. After homeroom Namjoon and I walked to our Physics class. He was super excited about this class. A bit too excited for my taste but at least I had it with him. I sat next to him in class. The teacher was an old man. He looked like he had been around for at least 400 years. He handed out the syllabi and went over the class rules. You would think this would be a relax day since it was our first day of the new semester. I was so wrong. He made us take out our notebook for a full in depth lecture. It was about 30 minutes into class and I felt like setting myself in fire. Suddenly I felt Namjoon hands rubbing my ass. I ignore him and continued to take notes. I guess he was pissed at me ignoring him and slipped a ginger into me. I almost lost it. But I kept my cool as he twirled his finger inside me. Namjoon added another and began seeping fingering me. I sat my head I'm my arms and bit down on my lip. My feet began going numb. Namjoon was hitting my spot. "Namjoon..." I whispered. But he ignored me. The teacher vales on me to answer a question. Namjoon began picking up pace. I felt myself coming before I could finish answering the question. "Are you feel ill Miss Phire?" The teacher asks. "No I'm fine sir." I say with a flushed face. Namjoon giggling to himself. He is such a brat and I will get his ass back I think to myself. After class I run to the bathroom to freshen up. I over heard some girls talking about Jin and some need he had with some guy named Rain from the water clan. Supposedly Rain was gathering his crew to jump Jin. I quickly grab Namjoon and tell him. Namjoon Gabe me a hug and told me not to follow him. I quickly text the girls and we meet up in the next hall. They all heard the same thing and their boyfriends told them to stay put. The girls and I go to where it was about to go down. It was huge crowd gathering in the water clan wing. People we shouting saying the guys went outside and per were pushing their way outside. Suddenly, Maddie yelled at us to look out the window. My mouth dropped............

and.....what...happens! jajajaja until next time peeps!

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You. Are. Evil. There! I said it. These cliffhangers are going to be the death of me...
@Baekyeol27 @amobts more than willing to be Jungkooks main bxtch ;) :p
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Exactly what i said.
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