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Alrighty I waited a few days to post this because I was on a roll with my Yoongi story so I put this on the back burner for a little bit but here it is the next chapter. If you missed @SweetDuella chapter click here
“Do you want to see my package?” Kookie asked making Sarah blush. “Jungkook! Stop joking like that.” Sarah said sitting on the bed and she started to open the box Kookie had brought her. “Well, I need a nice image to get what we saw out of my head.” Kookie said sitting next to Sarah. She smiled. She knew what she could do. She opened the box to see a cute little panda and tiger hugging each other. “Oh my gosh Kookie this is the cutest thing ever!” Sarah held it in her hands. “When I saw this I thought it was perfect. It was actually amazing that I found it.” “I love it, it’s me and Jenni.” Sarah laughed and set it on the table next to her bed. She then turned to Kookie and kissed his lips. “Did that get the bad images out of your mind?” He asked “Not really. But I can help you.” Sarah said and she lifted her shirt off so she was just in her bra. The look on Kookie’s face was priceless to her. She smiled and moved her hands to the bottom of his shirt. She started to lift it up and Kookie quickly helped and took his shirt off. “Now I can say I only can imagine you in my mind.” Kookie said while his fingers ran over her skin sending electricity through her body. “Same here.” She said as she stared at his chest, an abs. This guy was going to be the death of her. She was trying so hard holding back but she really didn’t want to at this moment. As she was thinking this Kookie quickly kissed her lips. They were in a heavy make out session when there was a knock at the door. “Kookie we should be heading back now we need to let the girls rest.” Namjoon said “Fine.” Kookie said grabbing his shirt and putting it back on. “Obviously we aren’t supposed to go any farther than this.” Sarah said also throwing her shirt back on. “Just for right now, later down the road, oh no one will be able to stop us. We won’t care if we get caught…Or at least I won’t.” Sarah giggled. “I would still be embarrassed.” They walked out of her room and to the front door where Namjoon and Jenni were saying goodbye to each other. After the guys left Sarah ran to her room and came back to Jenni with the Panda and Tiger. “Look what Kookie bought me, it’s me and you!” “Oh my gosh it is! That is so cute!” “I know right! I love him he is just way too sweet to me. I need to do something for him.” “Yea like what? But I also need to do something for Joonie since he has done so much for me.” “I guess well think about it and come up with something.” Sarah said and started pushing Jenni back towards her room. “What are you doing?” Jenni asked “Making you go to bed, you need to be well rested if you are going to try to go to work tomorrow.” Sarah said and finally got Jenni in her bed and then left her to sleep, And Sarah also headed to bed. The first show that morning Sarah did by herself, she had fun she kept being random and pretending Jenni was there. She probably sounded crazy but she didn’t care. When the afternoon show came along Jenni was better and able to be a part of it.
Afyer the show the girls went over to the boy’s dorm to see if they would go with them to do the panic room after. After some discussion they decided to save the panic room for another day. The guys needed to prepare, and the girls already knew which room they wanted to do so they were excited. “What are we going to do today then?” Jenni asked “Oh I know!” Sarah started jumping up and down. “What?” Tae asked joining her. “Let’s go ride horses!” “Oh My Gosh! Yes!!! Please can we really do this?” Jhope said excitedly “YES!!!! LET’S GO!” Sarah said leading the way out the door. “Does she even know where a place is that we can do that?” Namjoon asked Jenni. “It’s Sarah she can find one, she’s a little crazy about horses.” Jenni said following every one out. “Then why isn’t she dating Jhope? “ He asked “Oh my god are you really saying that?” Jenni started laughing “Well he is known as J-horse sometimes.” This caused Jenni to bust up laughing. “Oh my god, I am so going to start calling him that. J-HORSE!” Jenni laughed as she called out to J-hope “Ok so we need to drive there. Or we can each take different taxi’s” Sarah said and she was starting to talk faster. She was getting really excited. “I’ll drive.” Kookie said and Sarah just smiled she liked that her boyfriend like to drive. Sarah didn’t want to drive in Korea so she never got a car. No one complained about Kookie driving. Sarah sat in the passenger seat while the rest got in the van. “So where are we going?” Kookie asked “It’s called Horse Around.” “That’s where I was training for my drama!” Tae said excitedly “Really?!” Jenni was surprised “Yea. During April fools I uploaded a video of me riding a horse and said I was riding J-horse.” “J-HORSE!” Jenni said and pointed to Jhope and he just smiled After some time they finally arrived at Horse Around. They all got out and made their way inside. After they paid they were told they were going to the barn to pick a horse to ride. Jhope and Sarah took off running towards the barn and the others followed. “I just love horses!” Sarah said walking towards the first horse she saw. “Me too they are family." Jhope said making Sarah laugh “You know you really aren’t a horse right?” Sarah asked finally petting the horse in front of her. “What! I’m not? Well I have been lied to my whole life.” He said with a serious face and then the two bust up laughing. The two walked along the rows and looked at all the horses in the barn. Sarah had to pet everyone that she walked by. Her and Jhope were ahead of everyone and they were going to walk down another row but it was blocked off. There was a horse getting groomed, but there was no one around. The horse started to move towards the two. “Hello Cutie” Sarah said and the horse moved its lips like it was talking back to her. “Oh I want to take you home with me.” Sarah continued to say to the horse. “Why are you talking to the horse?” Yoongi said next to Sarah. “Because he is trying to talk to me.” “You are just plan strange.” At this the horse hit its hoof on the ground and neighed. “Yoongi it doesn’t like that you called me strange.” Sarah said with a serious expression. “Yoongi are you teasing my girl?” Kookie said walking over and putting an arm around Sarah. The horse tried to move closer and neighed again. “Kookie he doesn’t like you touching me.” Sarah said glancing at him “What!” Kookie was looking at the horse. “I forgot to tell you guys Sarah likes to pretend she can talk to horses.” Jenni said walking past the few. “Hey I can totally talk to them.” Sarah said and turned towards the horse. “Ok bye bye! Have a great day.” She waved and walked to find the perfect horse to ride. Kookie ran and caught up to her. “Why don’t we share a horse?” He asked “Because…. I don’t need to…..feel you up against me.” Sarah whispered. “Oh you don’t?” He smiled and quickly pulled Sarah back so she was pressed against him. “Kookie!” she said and quickly moved away from him and ran over to Jin. “Jin save me Kookie’s being dirty.” She laughed “Kookie leave Sarah alone.” “But she’s giving the horses more attention than me.” He whined “Sarah loves Horses….Didn’t you hear me say that to Joonie?” Jenni asked “Jenni, I found a good horse for you.” Namjoon said and pulled Jenni away from the 3. “What horse did you find for me?” She asked “Oh I didn’t really find one. I just wanted us to be alone while the others were occupied.” He smiled “Oh you are so sneaky.” She said and before Namjoon realized what was going on; Jenni pushed him up against a stall and pressed her lips against his. He quickly placed his hands on her hips. After a few seconds Jenni pulled away. “No I want more.” Namjoon tried to pull her back to him. “Nope we are not going to get caught doing something here.” She said and moved on to find a horse. After several more minutes everyone had picked a horse. Everyone enjoyed themselves and after the hour they spent at Horse Around then they went and ate some food, before heading back to the guy’s dorm.
Everyone was sitting in the living room watching TV. Sarah and Kookie were sitting together and Namjoon and Jenni were sitting together and Jimin and Yoongi were by each other and tae and Jhope were on the ground fighting over what we were going to watch next while Jin was getting the popcorn. *In English* “You know you looked real good on that horse.” Namjoon said to Jenni “Yea you looked good too.” “The way you rode that horse, I can only imagine you riding me.” “Oh Joonie, you are my strong steed, I will ride you all night long.” “OH MY GOSH!” Sarah said causing everyone to look at her. *back to Korean* “What?” Kookie asked while Sarah looked at Namjoon and Jenni. “You do realize that I can understand what you two are saying. I do speak English too ya know!” Sarah yelled at Jenni and Namjoon. “What were they saying?” Jimin and Kookie asked at the same time. “You do not want to know.” Sarah said still staring at Jenni and Namjoon. “Sorry I forgot you could understand us.” Namjoon said “Please don’t say any of that in English or Korean, but if you do say it quietly. No one needs to hear that crap.” “Hey!” Jenni said “Dude you have scarred me and Kookie and now you are trying to kill me with all this…” Sarah did a hand gesture towards the two. “I’m sorry; we will try to control ourselves.” Jenni laughed “Yea, in your room you can be as dirty as you wish.” Sarah laughed finally. After that Jenni and Namjoon continued to whisper things to each other as everyone else got into the movie they were watching.
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@JaxomB Yea I agree but I think both me and Jenni are not ready to get full smutty yet lol
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Alone time doesn't have to mean smutty though.
This was so fun! I'm not sure what would be harder, being brave enough to let NamJoon kiss me, or being strong enough to ever stop kissing him... I'd love to find out though. 😉💗😘
lmaoo! that was funny!
THAT was funny....hahahaha. I think the couples do need some alone time....
Omg XD loved the English part! Can't stop laughing!!
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