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I'm back with another chapter everyone! sorry it's taken me longer to post than before but i really wanted to think about how I organized this chapter new to the story? jump in from the beginning just missed the last chapter? catch up here
"I just wanted to learn the dance." I said again trying to be more convincing. He began to let it go and brighten up again. I might have gotten away with my little white lie if he hadn't walked in when he did.....
Even though they didn't get the answer they wanted the night I first had dinner with them doesn't mean it was a forgotten subject. Every time I went over it's as if one of the boys was asking or trying to trick me into blabbing my little secret, except for Hobie. With Hobie there was no pressure. We could just talk. I felt like I could tell him anything....Almost like a protective brother. I felt so close to him. One night the boys had a little get together after a successful Japan tour. I had missed seeing them so much. We had just finished eating when taehyung suggested We play a game. Jungkook, taehyung, and jimin smiled at each other mischievously. Leave it to the maknae line to have ulterior motives. "What kind of game?" I asked hesitantly. "Oh nothing serious. Just a friendly game of truth or dare." jungkook smirked. I knew I had a reason to be worried. "I don't know guys..." I started before jimin came and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. " We could play 7 minutes in heaven instead." he winked before Hobie threw his arm off and glared. I could feel my face heat up."but I'm the only girl so how would that work?" "exactly" Hobie added "lets just play truth or dare. How bad could it be?" he asked. Boy was he wrong. Before the game was over I had kissed almost every single member, Attempted to perform a seductive lap dance for jungkook....which was terrible I might add....luckily Hobie yanked me back to the couch, and sang a duet with yoongi. I was afraid to pick truth on my turn again, but I was even more afraid of the dares. Luckily it was Hobie who asked. "Truth." i said trying to relax a bit. Hobie leaned over and whispered his question into my ear. "Tell me who your bias is" I pulled back completely shocked that this was coming from him. He never seemed to care before. "Only you?" I asked. He nodded. I leaned into his ear. "It's....it's Jimin" "I thought so" he said casually but I saw his eyes darken. It wasn't the answer he wanted and I kind of knew it. His eyes darted over to Jimin who was intently staring back. Hobie then smiled at me like before, but it didn't reach his eyes. It was a close lipped smile that tore through my heart within seconds. I didn't know why but it just did. "I thought so" he said before stretching. "Well I'm kind of tired. I'm going to bed now. Maybe one of the other guys can take you home." everyone in the room grew quiet. "Ok? I guess I will talk to you tomorrow?" I asked. He was acting weird. "Maybe" he said. "The sun always rises doesn't I?" he said turning to me with a smile before retreating to his room. Little did I know....this day would change things....
As soon as jimin peaked his head through the door I pushed myself back onto the floor and away from Hoseok, slamming my funny bone into the floor. I grabbed it in pain and muffled my yelp with my fist. Hobie just rolled his eyes and got up taking my water bottle and chugging the rest of it as he walked off. "Hey! I was drinking that!" I yelled before he slipped out the door shrugging. I guess I deserved that. I didn't mean to push him away like that. Everyone knew how close we were but when it came to jimin I lost all rational thought. "Jimin!" I said jumping up as he watched Hobie walk out the door. He waited a few minutes after he was sure Hobie was gone before walking up to me and kissing my forehead. "Hey cutie" and sweeping me up in his arms. He winked at me. I swear I could have melted. Don't get me wrong. We weren't dating officially. I wish we were. He was my bias, but he said he was worried about how some crazy fans might take it. He worried about my safety. He worried about how it might effect the rest of the group and I completely understood. There were days when I wished we could spend more time together or got out on normal dates like everyone else, but the few brief moments alone with him made up for everything. Not even Hobie or the other guys knew about us. "Sooo.....do you remember how you said we could try 1 date night if I learned the choreo to fire?" I asked trying to sound calm about it. "Yea....but we both know you really can't dance." he laughed. "Well guess again! I've got it down!" I grinned, extremely proud of myself for working so hard. Jimin looked at me questioning the truth behind my words before bursting out into full laughter. I stomped my foot. "For real babe! Just watch!" I know stopping my foot sounded childish but I was highly upset. I worked really hard for this date. I had been by his side for a couple of years now, what could one date hurt. I ran over to the stereo and pressed play to begin the music. Jimin was still laughing as he walked over and turned it off. "Cute." He chuckled. "But seriously don't hurt yourself. Even if you actually learned it, i don't have time for a date. Plus we talked about this. I,cant afford a scandal. Aren't I enough for you?!" he was still smiling but the laughter was gone from his eyes. "I....you're right" i sighed in defeat. All those late nights, blisters, and sore muscles were for nothing. I sat on the studio floor to start changing from my high tops to some comfortable flats when the studio door slammed behind us..... To be continued .....
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