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EXCUSE ME SAY WHAT!!!! "I know your not saying what I think your saying girl"
Okay the whole group killed I mean...WOW, but then N bringing the most sexiest look out of the group I found. I could be over looking oh what am I saying I know I am, but N at 1:39 seriously I literally just stopped breathing. THE MAN took my breathe away why did he do that why??? I.....I'm confused I mean he can't steal Key's spot!!! Can he??? Nah, this is just like with Takashi Nikaido!
"Oh come on girl I know your not serious about them" "I'm the only one who has completely stolen your heart"
Yeah it's all good Key's still #1....
N don't dare, I'm hyuk's. I'm not cheating on you hyuk! (perfect lie)
Funny thing is I knew the exact moment you were talking about before I watched the clip. He got me there too. Ravi is still bae but N is really vying for the #2 VIXX spot.
N is already #1 in my heart from VIXX. I love seeing his moves ❤
They are definitely slaying this comback. I mean it should be illegal to be this smoking hot. Its killing us Starlights and im loving every minute of it.