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Sehun sat up, shaking his head, trying hard to shake the drowsiness off. It was hard but he tried with all his might. His eyes still trying to close, he crawled over to Suho, shaking him as hard as he could. "Hyung!" he begged, his head resting on his Suho's belly, "Hyung wake up!" But it was no use, he was dead to the world. Sehun kept shaking his head, even pinching himself on the arm as hard as he could, making himself scream in pain. Then he heard a grunt, he crawled on his hands and knees checking each of his hyungs, he heard the grunt again, it was Baek. He crawled over to him, his head clearing up. He shook Baek, even prying his eyes open, Baek lazily pushed Sehun's hands away. "Hyung, wake up!" Sehun demanded. Baek's eyes fluttered, trying to open, "Please hyung, try harder..." He sat watching Baekhyun trying to wake himself up, even sitting up with his eyes still closed and trying his hardest to make them open. Baek tried to swallow but his mouth was too dry, as it was whenever he woke up too soon, "What happen?" he asked rubbing his eyes and then growling into his hands trying to push the drowsiness off. "All I wanna do it sleep" "Just keep trying, it'll pass. I don't know what happened, that little girl came back in, all I remember hearing is her saying..." he started to say, Baek put his hand up to his mouth. "No, don't say it, it might happen again." Baek said finally fully awake. He looked around, "lets try to get out, okay?" Like before, they pushed the chair to the door and climbed up. Baek, being the smaller one, had Sehun lift him up on his shoulders. This time, they succeed in getting the door to open enough. All the others were sound asleep, there was nothing they could do except try to find help. They slipped out the door. It was quiet as they ran towards the stairs. It took them awhile but they managed to make it down the steps and ran for the front door. Sehun looked at Baek as Baek's shoulders slumped. They both stared up at the huge door with chain at the very top. "What are we going to do?" Sehun asked sitting on the floor. "Look for another way out." Baek said looking around. Sehun agreed and jumped up. He noticed that Baekhyuns' face turned white, his eyes widened, Sehun slowly turned around. There sitting in the living room on the couch was the woman from the hallway, the same woman from the dream they all shared. She did nothing but sit, watching them in amusement. Baek grabbed Sehun and they ran in the other direction, the woman breathed in deep and sighed. "Where are they going?" she said out loud. She looked around, under the coffee table, toward the book shelf, then under the couch, "Now where did it go?" Baek knew they wouldn't be able to climb back up the stairs, so he dragged Sehun down along the stair towards the back of the house. They came to the kitchen. Each of them stood in awe, taking a deep whiff of the air. Food, food everywhere, it smelled so good, their bellies began to rumble. Sehun rubbed his stomach. "Hyung, I know now isn't the time but that is making me hungry as hell" he said walking over to the table, sniffing the air. "I know me too..." Baek agreed. He spotted something that gave him hope but also frightened him at the same time. There was a pet door on the back door, a way out. He stopped and gazed around wondering if it was for a dog or for a cat, either way, it wasn't good. He grabbed Sehun again, Sehun protested as he was being pulled away from the table. Baek looked back down the hall, wondering why the woman wasn't chasing after them, he turned to the pet door and slowly opened it, peeking out. He didn't see anything. "Sehun-ah, we have to be careful, watch out for cats or a dog, okay?!." "I know, I understand." Sehun said, but sure enough, as soon as he said that, he heard a little bell. He looked back. Trotting down the hall toward them, he seen a little black cat. Sehun stopped, grabbing Baek by the shirt hard and pulling him close. Baek turned around to see why Sehun had grabbed him like that. Baek's eyes were as big as Sehun's, "oh crap"