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"Don't move hyung.." Sehun said quietly, "I don't think it sees us." The black cat trotted over to a corner where its bowl was sitting and began to munch. Baek slowly pushed the pet door open for them to slip out of but it made a loud squeaking noise that they both felt in their teeth. Sehun was hanging on tightly to his hyung's shirt as he looked back. Him and the cats eyes locked. Sehun began shaking Baek to do something, but his hyung froze as the cat darted toward them. Before he knew it, Baek grabbed Sehun and shoved him out first and then himself, they bolted for the porch stairs as the cat came charging out the door. "STOP!" They stopped dead in their tracks, unable to move. Any second, the cat was going to tear them to shreds but standing right in front of them was the woman. She was pointing at the cat, looking at it intently as if speaking to it telepathically. The little cat stopped and sat back on its hind legs, acting as though it wasn't doing anything wrong, or about to do anything wrong. "Stop right there, Bells" the woman said. Baek and Sehun stood still even though they knew she wasn't speaking to them, they were just too afraid. They had been caught trying to escape, who knows what horror was lying ahead for them. She carefully picked them up, each of them in each of her hands before putting them both in one hand so she could open the door, she kicked the door closed behind her. She put them on the table and then stood back, eyeing them for a minute. Sehun stared back at her back as Baek looked down at his feet. Sehun spoke first, his voice dry and shaky, "You saved us, thank you!" She nodded, "I wouldn't have let anything happen to you. This is why you were put to sleep and the door was locked but it was my fault I didn't put the cat outside. So I do apologize for that." Baek looked up her, an image of seeing her in the hallway popped into his head, he looked away, his face turning hot. "Why are you keeping us like this?" he finally spoke up. Her eyes shifted to him, she smiled seeing his cheeks slightly flushed, "why are you blushing?" he shrugged his shoulders, Sehun looked over at him, curious himself as to why. "I can't really tell you." They looked up at her, "I don't understand, why can't you tell us?" Baek asked. The woman seem to think for a minute before answering, "Ummm, if I tell you then I'd have to kill you..." she smiled and started to laugh. They looked at her stunned. "I'm just kidding. If I tell you, then you're going to remember, and if you remember, you might try to seek us out and believe me, you don't want to do that. I can tell you this, be patient and think of this as a gift... a gift to a little girl. You're going to be the last, I can tell you that much." "Who are you?" Sehun asked, Baek elbowed him, "What are you to that little girl?" The woman looked at him for a moment, "I'm her grandmother. I'll tell what, if you promise not to try to run away again, I'll wake the rest of them up and you can roam the house. Keep in mind whats outside waiting for you if you try to escape again. Which reminds me." She went over to the door and slid a wooden rod across the pet door, "There, that shouldn't keep him out." She peeked out the window, the cat was sitting in front of its door, waiting patiently. They seem to have discussed it, "We promise" they said at the same time.
Thank you for reading. I didn't realize that much time had gone by since I posted part 4, how time flies 😊
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