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Genre(s): Romance, Tragedy, Character Death, Time Travel AU, Angst
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Word Count: I dunno, a couple of numbers long...
Chapters: 3/? ( Not counting the Prologue)
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix something but things don't turn out the way she planned...
A/N: No words...I don't even know anymore, I just planned something else for some other future chapter thingy and I'm so sad just thinking about it and whether I should actually put it in the story or not. I'm so emotional right now...T-T

" I-I don't know..." I nervously chewed on my lower lip as he looked at me with an unreadable expression. " Namjoon, I don't know if I was even supposed to do this in the first place. What if it's not even actually fixed? There were so many times where we thought we fixed the machine and it turned out to be wrong."

" I don't know what to say..." He sounded a little...disappointed? " But if you're really sure, we can just stop this now and leave it there."

" I-I'm not all the way sure about it yet, Namjoon. Just give me a little more time...I need to sort out my feelings." He looked like he was thinking about it for a while before nodding his head and grabbing his coat.

" If you need me, you know what to do. " He said, walking to the door. " But if I don't hear from you for more than three days, I'm coming to find you." He said, pausing at the door before shutting it gently behind him, leaving me alone with my thoughts once again.

I looked at the machine. It looked functionable, like any other normal machine but I knew better than to get my hopes up. And while my thoughts from earlier in the shower were still running fresh through my mind, a part of me really wished the machine would work.

What if it did work? How badly would this screw up time? How did I even think this could work?

Was I even ready to face Jimin after all of these years?

It's been six hours since Namjoon left me alone with the machine he claimed to have fixed. It's been haunting me ever since. I haven't moved an inch from my spot in the corner. If anyone were to walk in right now, they would think I'm some kind of ghost from how sickly pale and insane I looked.

Then, for the first time in hours, I moved to get up, my body aching from the sudden effort needed. With shaky legs, I began to stumble towards the machine, my mind completely blank as I neared the machine.

Before I knew it, I had turned it on and stepped through the portal ring. I had expected it to fail again or even take only half of me away. That would have been better.

Instead, I was in the dark again. Panic rose inside of me as I remembered my dream earlier. I didn't want to go through that again. But this time something smelled horrible. There was a faint light in front of me. It glazed over slightly where I was standing, revealing several trash cans surrounding me.

Disgusted, I ran out of the alleyway. I stood in the middle of the sidewalk, it was pretty dark outside and judging by the sky color, I assumed it was probably a little past 10pm. I was still wearing my clothes from earlier but it wasn't nearly enough to keep me warm, it was freezing out.

How far had I gone back? Where was I? Where is everybody? At that moment, I had felt something push me from behind and I went tumbling to the ground, not expecting the sudden force.

" Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you!" I looked up to see a girl with dark black hair. She looked extremely familiar but I just couldn't put my finger on it at the moment.
" Are you okay, miss?" She crouched down to be at eye level with me.

" I- I'm okay." I said, unsure if that was actually true. She took off her jacket and placed it over my shoulders.

" You look lost, do you have a place to stay tonight?"

" I-I don't think so...I don't know where I am..." I answered honestly. My whole body ached for some reason, I assumed it had something to do with the trip here.

" O-okay. Um, why don't you come with me, you can stay at my place for a while until we figure things out." She led me back to her place and set up a place for me in a guest bedroom. She let me shower and even gave me a spare set of clothes. All of this was something I hadn't felt from anybody in a long time. But it felt somewhat familiar for some reason.

" So, do you have a name?" The girl said, plopping down on the couch next to where I was sitting.

" Ah yes, I'm-" Who was I? My memories had suddenly gotten all jumbled up. " Ah, I-I don't remember..."

", that's no"

" Aren't I a burden to you right now?"

" W-what? N-no! Not at all! I'm the one who offered to take you in anyway, so it's no problem." She responded. " Um...Anyway, I'm Bora."

Bora. That name rang a bell but I still couldn't seem to figure it out.

" You...You look very familiar..." She squinted at me as if trying to figure something out.

" Y-you seem very familiar as well..." I said softly.

" Oh well, I can't remember but you must be tired, yeah?" She clapped cheerfully, leaping up from her seat. " Come come, I'll take you to your room."

I walked in and crawled under the sheets, welcoming the comfort of a nice soft bed. She smiled at me and wished me goodnight before pausing at the door.

" Oh and if you need me, I'm right down the hall." She quickly added before switching off the lights and gently shutting the door.

" If you need me, you know what to do."

Why... had those words suddenly popped into mind? And that voice...was so familiar. I shook the thoughts out of my head and focused on sleeping.


" How could you?!"

"You know I love you, right?"

" I trusted you!"

" Jagiya! Let's go play!"

" I wish I never met you!"

" Jagiya! You're home, I've been waiting all day!"

" You should have died instead of me!"

I awoke panting hard. My head began to hurt as I tried to catch my breath. Who was Y/N? Who was speaking? So many thoughts swam through my head and I shut my eyes to try to get rid of them.

I had woken up covered in sweat, wet strands on hair sticking onto my face as I sat up. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I walked to the door and began to try to find my way around to the kitchen.

" Ahh! I'm so sorry, Jagiya! I just slipped and aish, the cake..."

A blurry image played through my mind. It was...a guy and that voice seemed so familiar...

" Ah, it's, let me help."

" I'm sorry, Y/N. I just wanted to surprise you but I slipped and I'm just so sorry..."

" Don't be upset, it's okay. Let's just go out for ice cream, okay?"

" You're the best. I love you, Y/N."

" I love you, Ji-"


" Ah!" I yelped and jumped back in surprise as the glass of water went crashing to the floor, shards of shattered glass flying back up at me. The spilled water began to spread in a small puddle as I tried to calm myself from the mini heart attack.

Bora came rushing in a minute later, hair and clothes a mess but she still looked more alive than I did.

" W-What happened?! What's wrong, are you okay?!" Her eyes were widened in panic before she realized I only dropped a glass and relaxed slightly.

" Ah, t-that's fine. Um, I'll clean this up... " She scratched the back of her neck nervously.
" Did you...need something?"

" No..." I said slowly. " I thirsty..." She nodded before grabbing a broom to sweep up the glass.

" Ah, let me help." I offered, crouching down to pick up the larger pieces of glass.

" No, that's fine! I wouldn't want you to cut yourself or anything..."

" Oh. Um, sorry. It was my fault so I thought I should help..."

" It's fine, really. I'll clean it up, no problem." She smiled, grabbing some towels to try to dry off the water a little before sweeping up the glass. " Oh before I forget, I was wondering if you'd maybe like to go out today? Just to see if anything looks familiar to you or something like that."

" Oh. Um, yeah. I think I'd like that." I said, giving her a small smile. " I guess I'd better go clean up then..." I trailed off, backing out of the room to make my way to the bathroom.

" Oh, there's a spare set of clothes in the bathroom for you if you need it." She called from the kitchen. I mumbled a 'thanks' before shuffling to the bathroom.

The warm shower brightened my face up slightly, at least I didn't look completely dead anymore. Maybe just a bit tired from what the dark eye bags told me.

" Ready?" Bora walked out of her room at the same time I walked out of the guest room. She was dressed nicely and her hair was brushed neatly to one side and I think she applied very little makeup.

" You look nice..." I mumbled, still trying to figure out why she looked so familiar.
" Thanks, shall we get going?"

Nobody's POV
The neighborhood was nice. Bora showed Y/N around, occasionally asking if anything seemed familiar in which Y/N replied with simple nods of her head meaning yes or no.

" This...It all seems so familiar, but I just don't remember." Y/N shook her head disappointingly, feeling guilty that she became such a burden in Bora's life.

" Well, we spent quite a while working your head, let's just call it a day." Bora sighed, a small smile on her face. " Wanna just walk around? I won't make you try to remember anything, let's just hang out. I'll show you around."

" That sounds...nice."

We walked around for a while, Bora took me to a lot of her favorite places. They all seemed so familiar but I tried not to stretch my memory too much, I just tried to have a little bit of fun.

We even went out for ice cream. But just as things were going nicely, something happened again.

" So, this is my favorite ice cream shop, I used to come here a lot with my friends and we would always..."

" Y/N! Not cool!"

Her voice was interrupted by that voice again. The one I kept hearing over and over in my dreams.

" You wiped ice cream on my face first!"

That was my voice...but who was I with? Who was Y/N?

" Okay, okay, I'll stop."

We were laughing. But I don't remember laughing like that in years. Even earlier when I had had some fun with Bora and laughed a few times, it was nearly as powerful and pure as the one I shared with whoever that voice belonged to.

" Are you listening?" Bora's voice cut through my thoughts and I quickly looked up at her. " Oh, I'm must have been boring you...sorry." She grew nervous again and looked away, embarrassed.

" N-no! Not at all!" I waved my hands in defense. " I just got a brain freeze or something."

" You did seem a little off... Hey, I'm supposed to go over to my brother's place for dinner in a few hours..." She mumbled.

" Brother?" I asked curiously.

" Well, step-brother, actually... But we still act like normal siblings, I guess."

" Oh, well don't let me hold you back..."

" Well, the thing is I don't want to leave you alone in case something happens, you know?"

" Ah, I see. It's fine if you don't trust me to be alone yet, I could just wander around until you get back or something if you don't want me at your place alone or something..." I had nowhere to go, obviously. And I didn't really want to walk around all night but I was willing to for Bora, she had treated me so kindly since she met me.

" No, it's not that I don't trust you. It's just, I'm worried about you. I know it sounds a little weird, but I feel something familiar with you and I just feel the need to care for you like someone who is really close to me."

" Oh. I don't think anyone's ever cared about me like that before. I appreciate all you've done for me, Bora."

" Actually, I could bring you with me...if you want to." She said.

" Oh. I wouldn't want to intrude, I'm already taking up all of your space."

" It's fine. Besides, I did tell my step brother a little about you and he's been wanting to see how you are."

" Well, then I guess it's fine. If you don't mind."

" Well, let's go back to my place to change into something a little more comfortable first. These heels are killing me..."

We went back to Bora's place and she gave me a change of slightly more comfortable clothes while she changed into similar clothes before we headed back out to her step brother's place.

It was a nice place, a small apartment room with cute little stickers and tags on the door. Bora knocked a few times before stepping back to wait for someone to answer the door.

" I got it!" A muffled voice came through the door. But why did my chest suddenly begin to hurt?

The door swung open and I could have sworn my heart stopped. There was a boy, an extremely attractive boy at the door. He had a cute baby face and a smile instantly made it's way onto his face when he saw Bora. A smile that melted my insides and made my legs go weak. But his face dropped slightly when he noticed me.

" Oh, who is this?" His voice was absolutely angelic. But I've definitely heard that voice somewhere...

" I found her on the street yesterday, poor thing doesn't remember anything about herself." Bora pouted, looking at me with sad eyes.

" Oh. Well, welcome..." He looked at me and I immediately stiffened. " It's nice to meet you." He looked at me like he was waiting for me to do something before looking back at Bora with confusion.

" She doesn't remember her name at least?" He asked. Bora replied with a sad shake of her head and the boy looked back at me, this time cracking a wide friendly smile and sticking out his hand. " Well in that case..."

" Hi, I'm Jimin."

A/N: OMG JIMIN!!!!!!! Okay, so I don't mean anything bad by using any names in here, Bora is just a name that popped into my head right away so I used it. Originally, I was going to have Y/N meet someone else on the street, but the name Bora was really stuck in my head and I had to get rid of it somehow...Anyway, this was a slightly longer chapter that I didn't really plan well but at least she finally met Jimin! Also, the forgetting and time travel thing are a little confusing so I'll be trying my best here, good luck trying to understand it. I can't even understand it, really...

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