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Que tal peeps!

It has been super hot and humid where I live and I haven't been wearing too much makeup if any. Thanks to now following Korean Beauty Skincare routine my skin has been healthy enough for me to go without makeup! THANK GOD! Anyhow but I still like to refresh my face in the morning and after I work out. I came across this in Rite Aid and I decided to try it. It's quick and not expensive. I still do my regular skincare routine but I added this.

It is definitely great for my oily skin acne prone peeps and my on the go peeps!


1. Cleans and refreshing to the skin. I can feel my skin drinking the all natural formula and my skin pores feel unclogged. My skin does not dry out after use. 2. Gentle I have normal super sensitive skin and this does not break be out nor burn my skin. 3. Ingredients I love all natural products or skincare products that have many natural ingredients. These ingredients are all natural and simple. 4. Minimize pores I don't have super large pores but I can feel this product tighten the areas in my face that I know where my pores are more visible. 5. Gentle exfoliation This product gently removes dead skin and polishes your skin.

This is the back of the bottle with the ingredients.


1. Smell I will be honest it does have a weird smell. It reminds me of this cheap Vodka we used to drink as college students call 5 o'clock Vodka. But you will get used to the smell.
They even have the towelettes version if you are on the go and don't want to carry cotton pads and that huge bottle. $4.95 at Wal-Mart

They actually carry a whole line. I will check the whole line out soon and review it.

I have this toner 👌 the first time I used it I was like, "Awe this smells weird... but my skin is so soft~" plus it takes off the grit that my cleanser couldn't remove (:
@Badtz yep that's why I fell in love!