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Chapter 22 Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst Warning: Mild Language If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/ - Chapter 1 -------------------- Chapter 21 -- Chapter 2 --- Chapter 3 ---- Chapter 4 ----- Chapter 5 ------ Chapter 6 ------- Chapter 7 -------- Chapter 8 --------- Chapter 9 ---------- Chapter 10 ----------- Chapter 11 ------------ Chapter 12 ------------- Chapter 13 -------------- Chapter 14 --------------- Chapter 15 ---------------- Chapter 16 ----------------- Chapter 17 ------------------ Chapter 18 ------------------- Chapter 19 -------------------- Chapter 20 Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Nana POV Nana looked over as [Y/N] sat twiddling her thumbs. Rolling her eyes she thought, ‘[Y/N] looks pathetic. It’s not like she and Taehyung are going to be alone. Not if I can help it.’ Nana decided she couldn’t handle sitting still any longer and stood up. Without saying anything to [Y/N] Nana walked away from the audience stands and toward the soccer field. “Hey Tae,” Nana yelled as she approached their bench. Taehyung turned around seeing Nana on the other side of the fence. He gave her a smirk and wiped the sweat from his face with a towel. “What’s up? Enjoying the game,” Taehyung asked. “Yeah! You guys are super awesome.” Jungkook looked up at Nana and smiled, “What are you doing over here? Don’t you have a boyfriend to be meeting.” Nana gave a sly smile to Jungkook and leaned into the fence in his direction. “Maybe I was more interested in talking with you.” Jungkook blushed and Taehyung hit his shoulder laughing at him. “You made the bunny blush Nana. Nice going,” Taehyung said giving Nana a boxy smile and a thumbs up. Still leaning close to the fence Nana smiled and winked at Jungkook causing him to blush more. “Nana?” Nana turned in the direction her name was called and saw Seokjin and Jimin standing with their arms filled with snacks and drinks. Almost like a switch had been flipped, Nana pranced over to Seokjin, a sappy smile spread across her face. “Oppa!” Seokjin smiled as she approached and Jimin watched in confusion. “What are you doing down here,” Seokjin asked Nana as she wrapper her arms around his right arm. “I came to find you oppa.” Nana looked at all the snacks in Seokjin’s arms and proceeded to whine. “Oppa! Don’t you know I can’t eat this? It will make me fat.” Seokjin blushed lightly and looked disappointed. “What she doesn’t eat I will,” Jimin said trying to cheer Seokjin up. Seokjin nodded happily over at Jimin. “Seokjin?” a voice from the bench asked. “Hey! Hoseok!” Seokjin called back. “Why do you have so much food?” “I’m hungry?” “Well you do love food.” Hoseok looked over a Jimin and shined him a huge smile. “Hey Jimin!” Jimin returned the smile and gave a small wave to Hoseok. “Hey Tae, Kookie, aren’t you guys going to say hi to Jimin,” Hoseok asked. “I see him everyday,” Taehyung responded as he turned his back to the fence and looked out at the field. “Sup Jimin. Hoseok, who is Seokjin?” Kookie asked then took a drink of water. “Oh, sorry. Seokjin is a friend of mine. He’s a third year.” Hoseok proceeded to give introductions between Taehyung and Jungkook. All the guys minus Taehyung started into a conversation. Taehyung wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on. Nana was getting annoyed listening to all the guys talk. She let go of Seokjin’s arm, Seokjin not noticing while he laughed with the guys, and walked back over to the fence near Taehyung. Nana leaned into the fence and spoke quietly to Taehyung. “Hey, about what I talked with you the other day...” Taehyung looked over his shoulder at her and turned to face her. “You mean the double date,” Taehyung responded. “Yeah. You’re still good with it right?” “Completely. It’s a great idea. Means we can hang out more too Nana.” A devious smile crept onto Nana’s face. “Hey, what are you guys whispering about,” Jungkook asked looking around Hoseok who sat between him and Taehyung. “Nothing, don’t worry about it Kookie,” Taehyung responded. Nana started away from the fence and just as she was turning she caught a quick wink from Taehyung. “We should head back. I’m sure [Y/N] is wondering where we are,” Jimin said starting back to the seats. “Bye Seokjin! Bye Jimin,” Hoseok yelled. Nana grabbed onto Seokjin’s arm again and looked over her shoulder as she walked away noticing Taehyung watching her leave. Nana smiled to herself and turned toward Seokjin and began to flirt with him.
Jimin POV As he walked away, Jimin looked back at Jungkook and Hoseok with a smile. Jungkook threw up a heart with his index finger and thumb and winked at Jimin. Hoseok suddenly yelled, “Chim Chim, I love you,” as he made a heart with his hands and smiled. Jimin blushed up to his ears and a large smile spread across his face. ‘Oh my god, what are they doing. They are so embarrassing,’ Jimin thought as he turned around. “Jimin, don’t ignore us,” Jungkook yelled. People around started turning to look at Jimin and this made him feel even more embarrassed than he already did. “Haha, you must be really close to those guys Jimin,” Seokjin said as they approached their seats. Still red, Jimin chuckled and said, “Yeah, they are my best friends. Hey [Y/N]. Miss us?” [Y/N] looked up at Jimin and saw his red face and chuckled. “What happened to you? Your face is all red,” [Y/N] responded as she smiled at Jimin. He sat down next to her and ignored her question. Instead of the girls sitting next each other the boys were sitting between the girls. “How long have you known the guys,” Seokjin asked as he ate his hotdog. “I met Jungkook through Taehyung and I met Hoseok a while back. We’ve known each other for a while.” “Oh, cool cool. How did you meet Hoseok?” “We met at the dance academy.” “Dance academy? You dance Jimin?” “Yeah, I have been for years. Though Hoseok doesn’t attend the academy anymore, I still go. I teach some classes on weekends.” “You teach classes? Can I attend one? I love dancing but I’m not very good at it. I would love to get better.” “Yeah! My classes are usually on Sunday’s around noon. Though tomorrow’s is canceled. Here let me have your number and I’ll keep you updated on the schedule.” “Awesome thank you!” Seokjin and Jimin exchanged phone numbers and talked amongst themselves as the soccer game began to start its second half.
[Y/N] POV As the second half started you cheered more than you expected to but soon it ended. You continued to sit in your seat as you watched the different spectators leave the area. “Hey guys, I’ll be right back,” Nana said before running off to what you assumed was the restroom. “Well did you enjoy the game,” Jimin asked smiling at you. You nodded excitedly and said, “yes very much! I hadn’t ever seen a soccer game before.” “Well good. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We will come again. But sadly guys I do need to head out.” “Oh, okay. Bye Jimin.” “Remember, let me know when you guys are heading home so I can let aunty know.” Jimin stood up and walked away. You could suddenly feel yourself getting nervous because your date with Taehyung was getting near. “Just you and me now huh [Y/N],” Seokjin said smiling down at you. You had forgotten he was still sitting with you so his comment took you by surprise. “Oh, uh, yup. What are you and Nana up to after the game,” You asked turning to face him.” “Not really sure but some kind of double date thing Nana planned.” “Oh,” you started but heard your phone ringing in your bag, “hold on a second sunbae.” You looked at the screen and saw the call was from Taehyung. A small smile spread across your face when you read his name. “Hello?” “Hey [Y/N] it’s Taehyun. Listen will you meet me near the school gate?” “Yeah I can do that.” “Okay awesome. See you in a bit.” Taehyung hung up the phone and so you put yours back into your bag. Standing up you looked at Seokjin, your heights almost even, and said, “Well I’m suppose to meet my friend at the school gate so I’m going to head there. See you later Sunbae.” With a quick wave you headed toward the school gate.
What is that sneaky lil she devil Nana have cooking in her twisted evil mind?! Best friend my ass! With friends like her who needs enemies! sheeshhh!😠
please tag me this is a really good one 😁😍 love it!!!!!
Nana seriously needs to be slapped. what does she have planned? Loving getting to spend time with the boys though, they are so cute. I just hope Nana didn't ruin everything, though I'm guessing that's her plan, the $@&#*. Thanks for sharing your story sis!
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Love you more! 💜😘💚
I liked Nana at first but now she's so rude It makes me hate her😧
please tag me!
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