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Roses kinda fix it. so this kind of a rant. just me saying how i feel. i use to really like the V app. now its you gotta pay for somethings so you can watch it now. it sucks cause us people out in the middle of the ocean in Hawaii thats our only chance to see our idols live. but now if you want to watch something oh you have pay. oh well if your not going to pay awe to bad goodbye. i use to love EXO on that app before you had to start paying for everything that they post. i understand and so not blaming B.A.P for anything they only had to pay for that one thing. im not blaming EXO at all also. and i will not blame BTS too nor Big Bang. i loved getting closer to BTS through this app. but now u have to pay. the free stuff is like only ever 2 to 10 minutes long for free which is still great. but you will never see the full clips at all. un less u pay. i know not everything in life is free. i know that. hell if i was a rich person yeah i may have or most likely would have spent the money to watch the events. but an app that started out free so fans can interact with the idols and spaz out when they get their comments read. hell i was trying to get noticed a few times. ok well maybe a few more times then i should have. lol but hey can u blame a fan girl. i guess im done. kinda feel better. comment do watevers. up to u guys. i just wanted to vent a bit. sorry for posting kinda sorry not really.
@changkyunslays @KwonOfAKind thank you for feeling my pain too
I agree with you.....Like it's not even like they made it cheapie wanted to watch a Big BANG video and I was over 1000 coins which is like $30! some people that might not seem like alot of cash but I'm a High-school kid with no job and no allowances.....asking for $30s is the same as asking for my life savings lol But I found out there is a way to get free coins they put up secret deals depending on who you are trying to watch.... I haven't tried any of them yet so I'm not sure exactly have many coins you'll get. ...........BUT I PERFER IF IT WAS FREE THOUGH!! lol Fans like money too ...I already buy your tickets and your merch. Please go back to being a free interactive app....Plz....signed my wallet
@cindystran i know right
Don't feel bad for expressing your thoughts. It sucks they're ripping fans off by making them pay for a service that used to be free. :(
so true man! I felt happy because there was a way to communicate with the people I loved hearing. and now having to pay that sucks.