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Happy saturday peeps! I know I havent posted in a minute but now Im back! Today's singer apperciation will be posted a little later on in the day, but for right now I wanted to share my summer faves so lets go!
1) 끝(AND)- Xitsuh feat. 수란 (Suran) 2) You & Me- Kisum feat. Jooyoung 3) Thinking about you- Loco feat. Jay Park 4)우아해 ( wooh ah)- Crush 5) Castaway- Crush feat. MISO 6) Oasis- Crush feat. Zico (Of coure! perfect summer song) 7) I'm not sorry- Dean feat. Eric Bellinger 8) And July- feat. Dean & DJ Friz 9) M.U.P- IKON 10) #WYD- IKON 11)땡 땡 땡 (DDANG DDANG DDANG)- Suran feat. Hwasa from Mamamoo 12) Better life- SIKK 13) My man-SIKK 14) No sense- Sam Kim feat. Crush All these song I have been stuck on this summer! and same with dean's album as per usual But if you havent heard at least a few of these song Listen to them! If you have then a big thumbs up!!!! Tagging: @passthesuga