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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 12 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson, Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Wonho's POV Shownu stood before him eyes glowing, his chest puffed up and hands balled into fists. Hoseok knew this fight wouldn't be easy in fact he highly expected him to lose his life by the end of it. If Jackson could get to Y/N, if he could rescue her in time it would be worth it, as long as she was safe. He fell in love too deeply, she and Yoona were alike but he wasn't even allowed to shed a tear for Yoona's death. All he could do to make up for that mistake was make sure Y/N survived. She may have looked like Yoona but she wasn't her, he still loved her in only a few weeks of knowing her; he loved her. For a Vampire that was normal, getting attached was easy, breaking a connection was harder. That was the exact reason Shownu was so furious with him. He had chosen the girl over his own brothers, his own maker. Shownu had a reason for wanting to leave Changkyun too but either he had forgiven him for his wrong doing or he was too used to being controlled by a master to even attempt the idea of being free of him. Hoseok and Shownu circled around each other staring each other down. "You betrayed us Hoseok, for a half life." he said. "Changkyun has taken so much from me, my life, my family, my claims." "She was his first to begin with." he snapped. "This is more than just about her Shownu. You've forgotten your own name, you've become so attached to him. You're just a trained puppy too afraid to bite the hand that's poisoning you." "The only one here that's been drinking poison is you little brother." Shownu stopped moving. "There isn't an antidote so I'll end your suffering now." he said. He jumped towards him reaching incredible height and landed on Hoseok. Hoseok kicked him off and whirled around to get back on his feet. He swung his hand forward producing icicles that flung towards Shownu. Shownu dodged them breaking some in the process but grabbing the last one throwing it at him like a spear. Hoseok was struck in the arm by it but it was a slight graze. Enough of a distraction for Shownu to get close to him again, his fist meeting Hoseok's stomach, making him cough up blood. Shownu grabbed him by the throat and threw him into the opposite wall. Hoseok made a hole in the wall from being flung into it. He was coughing as he struggled to get up. He was still healthy enough to heal quick but foresaw that this battle would drain him of a lot of his blood. He could see Shownu walking towards him through the mist of dry wall falling before him. "You don't stand a chance against me Wonho. You're going to die. Had I known you were going to be this stupid," Shownu caught him by the throat again, "I've would've set you up to fall with Yoona." Hoseok's grip tightened on Shownu's wrist. "What?" He said struggling to speak through his brother's tight grip on his throat. "Who do you think set Yoona up to look like the Huntress?" He said. A burning sensation ran through Hoseok's blood. Shownu had purposely set up Yoona to get her killed? He was the one that framed her! Hoseok's leg immediately acted on its own, kicking Shownu in the groin. Shownu released Hoseok groaning in pain, Hoseok was too furious to pay attention to the pain in his stomach or on his throat. He punched Shownu in the face: Once. Twice. Three times. Again an again he repeated the actions of smashing his fist into Shownu's face. Hoseok spawned a vine to grab Shownu and fling him twice as hard into the next wall sending him into the next room. Hoseok was fuming, his eyes glowing icy blue far more intense than Shownu's had been. Shownu stumbled to his feet as Hoseok gained on him again. Hoseok round house kicked Shownu in the face making him stumble again. He struggled to keep on his feet. When Hoseok came to grab his throat, Shownu rushed him. Grabbing Hoseok's legs and running like a line backer through the hole in the wall that he had made and onto the floor. "Wonho!" A voice screamed. Shownu looked over to see a pale figure with blonde-gray hair standing at the top of the railing of the floor above them. He was looking down at Hoseok and Shownu. Hoseok looked up to see him, "Yoongi go!" Hoseok yelled. Shownu looked down at him, "Yoongi? The kid that Changkyun turned you're fucking kidding me." he said in amazement. He looked back up at him and Shownu took the opportunity to push him up and get his arm in an arm bar. He was attempting to break his arm to give himself and Yoongi a little bit of time. What was he thinking calling out for him like that? He was going to get himself killed too and that wouldn't make Y/N happy. She had grown a soft spot for him and his human friends. Shownu used his free hand to grab the hand that Hoseok was trying to break and lifted Hoseok off the ground. He swung him around like a doll smashing Hoseok into anything he could to get him off of his arm. He ran him into the steps hurting Hoseok's back and Hoseok let go of him. groaning in pain. A cat call whistle came and Hoseok looked up and Shownu looked behind him. Yoongi waved teasingly at Shownu. "What the hel-" Shownu started out but was cut off by Hoseok grabbing him from behind. Hoseok basically suplexed him into the stairs. Making him hit his neck as he came down. Hoseok looked back to see Yoongi but he was gone. Now he understood what he was doing..... Yoongi's POV Mark and Yoongi had lost Jackson and Wonho in the frenzy of Vampires that had come around them. They both had managed to survive, killing Vampires that were experienced and older than them. Luckily Jackson knew Youngjae, it was his UV bombs an silver bombs that got them out of the situations. Yoongi had to hide behind the corner when Mark released the sliver bombs but his ring protected him from the UV light. Yoongi couldn't pin point exactly where Y/N was though. For a moment, the direction of her blood was obvious but it was like now her blood was everywhere, messing up his senses. Changkyun must've done it or ordered some other Vampires to do it to confuse them. "I can't find her, her scent is everywhere in the house." he said. "Then find Wonho or Jackson, you can smell them right?" Mark suggested. He was right about that. He wondered if they were as lost as he was though. Yoongi stopped moving while Mark kept on the look out. He was sniffing the air when he got a hint of his blood. "I can smell Wonho." he said "What about Jackson?" Mark asked. Yoongi shook his head and Mark looked worried, "That doesn't mean he's dead, I'm just not that experienced in tracking scents. He probably got split up from Wonho too." Yoongi tried to reassure him. Mark nodded and Yoongi lead the way; they ran together towards Wonho's scent when Yoongi stopped them just as they were getting close. He could smell another Vampire, his scent was familiar. He was there when Changkyun killed his girlfriend and turned him. Yoongi said low enough for Mark to hear, "Wonho needs help, how good of a shot are you?" Yoongi asked. "You're really asking that after what we just went through?" "This is different, the moment you fire he'll know where you are and I can't move fast enough to save you from him. He's far older than me so you need to be perfect on this shot." "What are you planning?" Mark asked. "A distraction, I'll give Wonho enough time to wear him down take the shot when I give the signal." "What's the signal?" "You'll know it when you see it." Yoongi said before he zipped over to the railing. He saw Shownu on top of Wonho. "Wonho!" he screamed. They both looked up at him and Wonho yelled back, "Yoongi go!" Shownu looked at Hoseok then to Yoongi. He was hoping Wonho would get the idea. He took the opportunity to take advantage of the distraction though. Yoongi moved from the top of the stairs and made his way down them and into the shadows while Shownu struggled to get Wonho off of him. Hoseok was smashed again into the stairs writhing in pain. He had let go of Shownu and Shownu looked like he was in the perfect position to kill him. Mark however was not. Yoongi made himself known by cat calling to Shownu. He was leaning against the post in the light giving Shownu a blank resting bitch face. Shownu was in the middle of saying something when Hoseok once again took advantage and grabbed Shownu from behind, flinging him over his body backwards and making him crash into the stairs, hitting his neck at the same time. Yoongi had moved back into the shadows to go find Mark. He used the same technique when Y/N fought someone older than her so he was only hoping that it would work with Shownu too but Shownu was much different from Yugyeom and much stronger too. He caught sight of Shownu back on his feet on the stairs rubbing the back of his neck Wonho was hurdling icicles at Shownu which Yoongi had no idea how he was doing it. Shownu was blocking them with one hand, he was obviously still stronger than Wonho. Shownu moved out of the way jumping up on the railing of the steps to get away from Wonho. Yoongi still had Y/N's twins tucked into their holsters but his aim wasn't that spot on. He could still catch him off guard. He was about to do something when Shownu had jumped towards Wonho. His hand piercing through Wonho's chest. Yoongi stared in shock as Wonho cried out in pain. More of his blood spilling from his lips. Namjoon's POV Namjoon and the others were in the middle of the field fighting off vampires. They were armed with swords, crossbows and guns with the wolves that had been with them for the past week protecting them as best as they could. It felt like they would survive the battle. Jin was right beside Namjoon guarding his back. Namjoon was keeping a look out for the youngest of their group Jungkook. Jimin and Taehyung were by him so he was protected. There was a wolf that had imprinted on Jungkook because he liked him so much so he stayed by his side as well, he head butted Vampires that came after Jungkook. Surprisingly, Jungkook was the best one out of all of them that knew how to handle a gun. Though it came in handy for this purpose, Namjoon made a mental note that if they got out of this alive he'd talk to the maknae about where he got his gun welding skills from. "Namjoon!" Jin called out for his attention. Jin swung his sword and Namjoon ducked in time for the Vampire that was headed for him to get his head cut off. Namjoon maneuvered under Jin's arm and shot his crossbow at the other Vampire coming behind him. Namjoon and Jin looked at each other, "Thanks." Jin said. "Right back at you." Namjoon said. They were out of breath and it seemed like the more Vampires they killed, the more they showed up to replace them. They were an hour and a half into battle by now and things weren't looking good. Hunters dead bodies were scattered around the island. Vampires were covered in blood, humans were ripped apart, their hearts ripped form their chest and limbs missing. Namjoon looked around at the horror. God this all couldn't be real but it was, was this all worth it for revenge? For so many people to be dying? Each one of them wanted to do this though, they had decided to help and to kill Changkyun. The worst Vampire King to ever live. Namjoon was worried about Yoongi, he hadn't seen him since they came to Jeju, once the battle began they were separated. Minhyuk came over to them the boys standing in a an empty zone. Minhyuk told them too look at the mansion. More Vampires were coming out, "At this point we might as well kill ourselves. There's not enough Hunters to take out this army." Minhyuk said. There was a small smile on his face. "We have to keep fighting, Y/N will figure out something right. She's the Huntress for a reason. Her skill is unmatched." Namjoon said Minhyuk shrugged, "There's a reason the Huntress hunts alone. She works better when there isn't a crowd." "Then let's clear the crowd as best we can." Jimin said stepping up to them. "You guys could die, perhaps you should step back." Minhyuk said. "We can handle it for now. Yoongi is in there fighting so we're going to keep fighting too." Hoseok said. Minhyuk's smile got bigger and he said, "Suit yourself just know what you're getting yourself into." he said. Minhyuk moved in a flash, gone like the wind. He was covered in ash and blood too. Namjoon looked back at his brothers. He looked to Jin. Jin nodded at him and they all headed to the field where more Vampires were taking over. At this point they all might die but if they were going to go, they might as well go with each other. Wonho's POV "Ugh!" Hoseok choked out once again being struck in the stomach by Shownu. The open wound in his chest was still healing and he was moving slower than usual. Yoongi popped out every once in a while to distract Shownu. He shot off a gun three times finally getting a bullet lodged into Shownu's leg. Shownu continued to punch him in the face, when he was shot again. He turned back to Yoongi standing out in the open, the bullet wound on his leg not healing nor was the one now on his back. He still moved quick enough to catch Yoongi's arm and get the gun out of it. Shownu pointed it towards him. Hoseok hurdled an icicle at him striking Shownu in his back. Yoongi kicked Shownu's leg making him buckle to the ground. Hoseok struggled to make his way to his feet. Yoongi grabbed the gun again and made his way to Hoseok. The sound of something moving above him alerted Shownu and he moved up the steps towards it. "Shit Mark." Yoongi said. Hoseok moved quickly Mark was being held up by the neck by Shownu. Shownu 's right hand completely useless. Hoseok used the last of his magic that he had the energy to use and had vines wrap around Shownu. Shownu didn't let go of Mark's throat though. He was squeezing just as hard on his neck close to crushing his throat. Hoseok came up behind Shownu shoving his hand through Shownu's chest and Mark was released. Hoseok pulled out his hand and flung Shownu, using the veins, over the railing and into the ground making a crater in the floor. Hoseok looked back at Mark rubbing his neck and gasping for air. Hoseok held out his hand to Mark and Mark looked up at him. He grabbed his hand and he helped Mark up. "Thanks." he said grateful but still slightly reluctant. Hoseok nodded and then zipped down the steps. Mark by his side moments later. Shownu was still in his place, blood coming from his mouth. Eyes slightly open and he looked up at Hoseok. "If you think it's going to be easy to kill Changkyun you're wrong. You may have killed me- but he'll kill you." Shownu said. "Why did you set Yoona up, what did you stand to gain from having her killed?" He asked "You were straying from us- she would've- made you leave us. Your own brothers. Us before the humans- you just couldn't see it... Her love changed you into someone that cared." Shownu said. "So what if it did that was no reason to kill her." he snapped "She was human, she would've died anyway. I was saving you the trouble of dealing with that pain later in life. You could learn your lesson through her, never love a human. They all just die." Shownu had a tear rolling down his cheek as he looked up at the ceiling. "I'm coming angel." he said kissing the ring on his finger. "Enjoy your afterlife." Mark said pissed. He quickly shot Shownu in the heart the UV bullet piercing his chest and his body began to glow from the inside. Mark quickly snatched the ring that protected him from the light off his finger and Shownu turned to ash. The other ring that he had kissed falling to the ground. Hoseok went to pick it up. A single tear rolled down his face as well, no matter what Shownu was still his brother. He pocketed the ring and looked to Mark and Yoongi.. "Let's go." He said. Y/N's POV Jackson jumped towards Changkyun but he moved out of the way grabbing the knife that he'd tortured you with and threw it at him. You moved quick enough to stop the knife but you had stopped it by getting stabbed yourself. You dropped down pulling the damn thing out of your hand groaning in pain. Changkyun tsked at you while Jackson's head nudged at you. You stood up and ran towards him with the knife in hand. You swung right and he dodged. You swung left and he dodged again. He was laughing at you, probably because of how slow you were moving. You were weak honestly and at this point more human than Vampire. He grabbed your hand pulling you close to him; he pecked your nose before he flung you across the room. Jackson jumped on top of him while you rolled yourself over and tried to get back up. You were sore as hell. The sound of Jackson's whimper came to your ears and you looked up to see that he'd been thrown across the room near the fire. Changkyun shoving the branding stick into Jackson's face. You breathed at the sound of him howling in pain. You made it to your feet running as best you could to him swinging for a punch but Changkyun caught your arm twisting it behind you. "Why do you make me do these things to you Y/N?" he said. He pulled out a different branding stick from the fire and stuck you with it making scream. You dropped to your knees the stick still shoved into your stomach. You looked at Jackson, "Sorry buddy guess I'm all out of plans this time." you said. Jackson limply raised himself back up and charged at Changkyun, biting down on his arm hard. Changkyun growled but that was the only indication of pain from him. Jackson swung him around in his mouth and released him, throwing him in the air. You got up making your way for the knife you dropped, Changkyun's body landed with a loud slap on the floor. He winced in pain rolling over onto his knees to get up.. You hand gotten the knife back in your hands when he stood back up to face you two. You had thrown it at him and stabbed him in the same shoulder Jackson just bit down on. Jackson's paw headed to swat down on him but he moved quickly out of the way taking the knife you stabbed him with and returning the favor of stabbing you in your lower back. You fell to the floor and watched as Jackson was grabbed by his tail and thrown into the wall. Changkyun was by his side in seconds breaking the bones in his front leg. He kicked at Jackson's throat not giving Jackson a chance to recover. Jackson reverted back to his human form after taking so much damage. He was unconscious and you could barely hear him breathing. "Jack-son." you called weakly. "Oh I know Jagi, you care for him but he's going to be a pain in the ass so I'll have to kill him." Changkyun said. Your mind flashed memories of when you first met Jackson. After saving his father from a Vampires trap, he took you back to his home. Other wolves had watched you carefully looking at you intensely and without trust. He allowed you to get cleaned up and then you were escorted to the Kings's hall where he offered you praise and a position in his court. Although you were honored by the alliance, you had another mission on your mind. It was then that Jackson ran into the King's hall, coming to his father's side to see if he were alright. When his father said that you had saved him, he turned to you. Jackson was always by your side from that point on. He looked older now than he was back then, wolves aged slower but the added muscle he gained made him look older and manlier not like the kid he used to be and still acted like. Changkyun was bending down to him probably to snap his neck and you couldn't help but remember him tell you that he imprinted on you. His loyalty was with you, he asked you if you loved him and you loved him more than you could stand. You tried hard not to care about him but it was like instincts had kicked in to protect him and nurture him. To love him like he was your son, "I would die for you but I'd rather live beside you, you know." he said. You knew what he meant and you had been holding back because you needed more time but right now you were out of time. So you went to your last resort, the one place you knew Jackson didn't want you to go because he feared you wouldn't come back from it. You closed your eyes bringing out your teeth and focusing on your pain, your torture, your dead family, your anger and rage and you gave into it all. You gave into being a Vampire. Your eyes turning purple, glowing with fury but you were more than what you were before. You were more Vampire, you were a Vampire. You yanked the knife out your back and stood up throwing it again, stabbing his wrist. He dropped Jackson and looked at you amazed that you were even moving. You moved faster than before appearing behind him before saying, "Boo!" He turned and you punched him in the face, you kicked him, snapping your leg up to kick him in the chin. His head snapping back at the force and his body moving back as well. You round house kicked him, each movement was quick and accurate. Your frenzy wouldn't last long but in that moment you couldn't think. In this state, you were fighting out of pure instinct to survive and rage. You picked him up slamming him into the wall and your arm pressed against his throat. You growled at him shoving your hand into his stomach the same action he had done to you when you were human, when he turned you into this. You dropped his body pulling your hand up to your face and licking the blood off your hand. A satisfied moan escaping your lips as you looked back at him. His wound healing but not completely just yet. "How?" he said amazed. You just grinned at him and walked up to him like you were going to kiss him. Your bloodied hand on his face and your forehead pressed against his. You suddenly pulled your head back head butting him hard enough you thought you smashed the front of his skull in. Changkyun was still a thousand years old and strong as hell. You made your way to his fallen body and he scoped his leg getting you off of your feet. You both got up but he was before you hurdling the knife he took out of his wrist into you. He continued to viciously stab you and then bit down on your neck. He sucked blood from your neck weakening you again. You dug your nails into his skin ripping at his flesh until your frenzied high wore off. He dropped your body on the ground. His eyes shinning as he looked at your practically lifeless body. He was grinning from ear to ear your blood staining his mouth and his wounds healing because of your blood. "It's okay jagi, I'll keep you forever and ever! I'll forgive you for this because you taste so fucking delicious! Once all of your friends are dead I'll start to train you on how to behave." "Kill me." you weakly. "Never, I won't let you go. We'll be together forever. We can turn humans together and start a family. Perhaps a half life can still have a child. I'd like to find out. We can have our own prince or princess of darkness. It's what we always wanted remember?" "You killed them, all of them. Any hope of us having a family died with them. It died with me, it died when you killed our baby." you said. Your eyes leaked with tears as you looked up at him. "What are you talking about?" he said now confused. His magical moment marveling in the sweet sinfulness of your blood was now gone. He looked at you with narrowed eyes, they were cold and deadly. You didn't show fear, you were half dead already and most of your job was done anyway so you could say it. You looked at Jackson still unconscious on the floor and then looked back at Changkyun. "When you left me to die, I was pregnant, I was going to tell you that night. That's why we were having that dinner." "Y-you were pregnant?" he said in disbelief. "I wanted to tell you, I was so happy and excited for you to know but you killed our family, you killed us. You did this." you said with hateful tears. "You're lying." he growled. "That's a pretty stupid thing to lie about Changkyun. You can keep trying but it will never work. You see that now don't you? You know it's true. I'm never coming back to you. Anything you do now will only make me hate you more. I'll never stop plotting. I'll never stop thinking of how I can kill, I'll never stop trying. So kill me because now you know.... I will never love you again." Changkyun looked as if he were going out of his mind. His hands in his hair chanting no, tears falling from his eyes. You watched as he lost his mind and picked up the knife. He hovered over you and you closed your eyes. "Jagiya- I love you." he said..... There was silence and then...............
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