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I'm translating previews for "A Gentleman's Dignity" Check back here at my Vingle page for more kdrama goodies! ==================================== All four guys dressed up in their best suits and headed to the Billiards Room where they split into pairs and started betting against each other. Loser pays! Looks like boys will be boys! 네 남자 모두 명품 수트를 차려입고 당구장에 방문해 편을 갈라 게임 비용을 걸고 내기를 하는데... Source: p/s please share on FB/Twitter (the little button with f/t) so more people can know about how AWESOME a gentleman's dignity is!!!
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love this drama,when would be the ep. 6?
6 years ago·Reply
luka,that is not true...a gentleman's dignity got higher rating than dr jin.u can google it.
6 years ago·Reply
n lpus,i think now a gentleman;s dignity become bettter and better!! agree? :)
6 years ago·Reply
good,better,best drama....
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