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So after really thinking it over, i have decided to finally make a taglist!

What I Post:

As you guys can probably tell my cards are mostly BTS but i love other groups too! ^_^ So i would say i post 99% BTS and 1% other groups.

How Often I Post:

I originally made a Vingle so that i could fangirl to my hearts content with other people who love Kpop just as much ! :) Honestly i don't like to limit myself, so like i could post 3 cards one day and like 10 the next day. It really just depends on how busy i am.

A Few Extra Things:

*Like all of you guys, im just a your basic kpop fan. :) *I give credit for all the pictures, gifs, videos (basicly anything thats not mine) in my collection description. *I only have 1 collection (Simple Life Of a Kpop Fan) *My taglist will be for all cards i post. *If you want to be removed please message me. *In return you can tag me in ANYTHING you want! I would love to see it! :) * I will start tagging you starting Monday! (basicly 2 days from now) *Let me know in the comments if you would like to be tagged! ^_^

So that's pretty much it, i hope we can continue to fangirl/fanboy together!!☆☆

*If you are following my collection Simple Life Of A Kpop Fan and you want me to follow one of your collections just message me which one you want me to follow! ^_^ *

Love you guys!!

*Special Tag* @HopeYoongi @hayoungforever @EverieMisfit @kimchikpop ~You guys helped me to make this decision~ ~~♡
tag me plz ^^
I am SO sorry for the late reply!!! Added to the tag list!!! 😊😊😊
tag me please
Sure thing! :)
please tag me
of course! ^_^
Yeeeeessssssss! Thank you! 💕
keep tagging me please
For sure ! :)
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