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Your perspective Pairing: reader x ?? Warning: mature content - ish. It's more suggestive in this chapter
August 20th Me and Yoongi are kinda cool now, I say that with the confidence that we'll work things out fully. Only time will tell. Anyway, the afternoon was spent performing 'Legit' again. This time on KBS World. I was going up after NCT's latest track. To be honest, I've lost track as to what's what with NCT, all I do know is that the one I'm closest to is Taeyong, that's why I have his number. The only problem is that I've also got Taehyung's number. That means that Taehyung is saved as Taeddy and Taeyong is saved as TaeTae the leader. So there I was, stood backstage preparing to go on when I see a familiar shadow approach me. "Hey Y/N" "Hey, what are you doing here?"
He rushed his hand through his hair, "Oh you know, this would normally be Yoongi's or Jimin's job but- you still needed someone to support you and so that's the reason why I'm here" It was sweet of him, it really was. "Well that's my cue." I nervously laughed. "Good luck, you'll do fine" he brought me into a big embrace before I dashed off into my position. The performance was good and for once, I wasn't dreading getting off stage, if anything I was glad to be off stage and be able to relax for a bit. All thanks to Mr. Perfect over there. Once the crowd died down, I ran off stage to see Travis with a worried face... And a towel. "There's a boy in your dressing room Mack, where you expecting him?"
"I wasn't but I know he's here Travis, don't worry. It's only Jungkook" I wandered past him and almost rushed to my dressing room, I don't know what had me so excited. "I saw you on the monitor, you were amazing. How come I've never been invited to see one of your performances before?" He pouted. I nudged him softly, "because I've only invited my close friends or my boyfriends and previously you've been neither" "I am your friend now though!" "Yeah, which means you might get invited now" "Might?" It was easy to tease him but then I had been doing it for a while.
Before, I'd tease him then make some sarcastic comment - I still do - but now I don't mean it spitefully, now I genuinely am nice to him. "Still, it was nice of you to come Jun-" "Wow wow wow, if we are truly friends then you don't need to call me Jungkook, call me Kookie" The only nickname I ever gave him was- "Or Kook the monster" How did he know that? That's what his contact name was in my phone. "Kook the monster? Like Cookie Monster?" I tried to act like it was my first time hearing this, not giving anything away. "I dunno, you came up with it" Damn it. "How'd you know?" "Taehyung told me!" "Aish, well it makes sense at least"
I smiled at him, "well... We'll see I have to get used to calling you Kookie" Then I added, "but I'm not changing your name in my contacts" He was happy enough to drive me wherever I wanted. To be fair, I didn't really want to go to the BTS dorm and so I was constantly giving him instructions until we were outside the building. "This isn't your dorm Y/N!" "Nah, it's the Seventeen dorm. I was meant to see the boys with Yoongi but we- never got round to it" He looked so shocked that anyone would assume his soul left his body. "There's thirteen of them!" "Yeah I know but they aren't always all home at once" "Hehe, not always" he nervously laughed. If had all been home, I think Jungkook might have just died. 6 other boys was enough for him to handle.
Seungkwan was the one who opened the door with a bright smile. "Hey Mackymoo, thought you were coming a few days ago?" "Sorry, I was busy so everything got delayed but I'm here now and I brought Jung- Kookie here instead" They both shook hands and bowed, I wasn't really into all this traditional bowing. I know it shows respect but honestly I get easily tired of it. "Nice to have you" He invited us in and said that Vernon, Woozi, Hoshi, Dino, DK and Joshua were the only ones home. 7 wasn't a bad amount to be honest. Seungkwan asked if we wanted to play a game and he quickly set up Mario Kart 8 and called for the other boys to join. Woozi of course didn't join but the rest of them did.
"Sup Y/N" Josh and Vernon were the most calm when it came to saying hey. "Smack down Mack!!!" Hoshi and DK yelled simultaneously. "Mackenzie noona" Dino greeted. The boys noticed Jungkook sat next to me as they came into the room and so I felt like I had to say something in case they got the wrong idea. After all, when I was meant to be visiting them, I said I'd come with Yoongi as I was dating him at the time. "Lads, I brought my mate Kookie with me today if that's alright" "The more the merrier" Hoshi chanted. Jungkook lightened up more as we got into the game and I was very happy to see that. It would've been bad if he'd have stayed shy and quiet the whole time we were there.
"I'll sit out this round boys, I'm gonna get a drink. Anyone else want one?" Random drink names flew at me, "Fanta", "Sprite", "Water", "Banana Milk", "Hot Chocolate". I looked over at Jungkook who hadn't spoken yet. "I'll have water as well thanks Mack" As I headed to the kitchen, a voice broke my train of thought. "And I'll have a hug missy" I'd know that voice anywhere, I turned around to face the guy that I had grown to appreciate more and more. Woozi. "Don't you want a drink oppa?" He's one of the only people I have enough respect for to call oppa. "Hug first, I'll get my own drink" He was always the best at hugs, he didn't do them often with others but I was like his little sister.
He always wanted to take care of me. "So no luck with Yoongi hyung then?" He asked while I was getting all the orders ready. I trust Woozi enough to tell him everything, there aren't many people I can with all this personal info. "Ne, he... How do I put this? When i'd come off stage, he wasn't one for talking" I think that's as suggestive as it got, I didn't want to go into too much detail. "Ah one of them. Well at least you've got little Jungkook then" I almost knocked over a drink, "sorry oppa? I'm not with Jungkook" "That wasn't what I was suggesting, I was meaning it like he's your new comfort but if you want it to be like that then-" "No! We haven't been friends for long"
I didn't like what he was implying. I didn't like that that's what I thought he meant, that is what it sounded like right? I'm not going insane. Anyway, Woozi helped me finish and carry the drinks to the others and then came to join us. He kept on eyeing me sat next to Jungkook. I think Jungkook picked up on this as he brought it up in conversation on the way home. "Are you quite close to Woozi hyung?" "Ur.. Yeah you could say so, why?" "Just wondering, he seems very protective over you" "He treats me like his younger sister, Kook and in return I call him oppa" "Why don't you call me that?" "I highly respect and appreciate Woozi oppa and his work. You have to do something important to gain that kinda thing from me"
Once we got to my dorm, Jungkook was kind enough to walk me to my door. "Thanks for today Kookie, it was nice yeah" "I'm glad you thought so and I like it when you call me Kookie" "Heh, don't get too cocky" Then there was silence where we just seemed to stare at each other - but it didn't feel awkward. I became so lost in his eyes that I didn't take in any of his other features really. Like his plump lips or his soft hair or his dainty hands or his nice frame or even his massive thighs. He leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to my forehead. "Goodnight Y/N" As he walked away, I turned around and fumbled to open my door. Just before I closed the door on him and he got into the car, I replied, "good night Kookie"
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That's cute that Seungkwan calls her Mackymoo and Dino calls her Mackenzie noona. And Woozi calls Jungkook little Jungkook and she calls him oppa