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It's the conclusion everyone! I seriously apologize for the huge wait! I hope you all are still interested in what happens to Boram and Hoseok!

This picks up a year and a half after the last part.

Thank you so, so much for reading! It means a lot to me that so many of you enjoyed this story. It was really uplifting and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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WARNING: Mature Content

"Minah! Don't be a wimp! You can help me carry a damn mattress!" "It's a queen sized bed Boram! I'm trying my best! God, why didn't you just pay the guys to carry it in!" "They wanted thirty dollars! That's ridiculous!" "You're too cheap!" There's a knock at the door that interrupts the girls' arguing. Minah immediately bails and makes a run for it. Boram struggles to keep it from falling over. "Could you at least give a warning before you drop a mattress on me!" "Next time!" She opens the door and loses herself for a moment in stunned silence. In front of her is the entirety of BTS. She knew this could happen while living with Boram, but she didn't think it'd happen this soon. She only really expected Hoseok to show up, and now that they're all just staring at her, who's staring at them, she realizes she looks like a wreck. She's in an old shirt with bleach stains and holes in it, basketball shorts, and her hair is nearly soaked with sweat from unpacking. She can only manage one word. "Fuck." They chuckle a little and Namjoon smiles. "You're definitely a friend of Boram's." "Oh, shit! I'm swearing! I'm sorry!" She's talking through her hand as she covers her mouth. Boram comes walking in and when she spots Hoseok, she practically attacks him with a hug and a barrage of kisses. Minah tries to scold her. "Down girl. Isn't that a bit inappropriate?" Namjoon waves his hand as he shakes his head. "Not at this point." Jin sighs. "It's mostly just weird to see it. It's best to simply look away." The two lovers finally finish their hug. Hoseok speaks softly. "You sure are affectionate even though you just saw me yesterday." "I'm always going to be affectionate." Jungkook purposefully coughs several times. She walks over to the young boy and embraces him. "Sorry hun. I promise I didn't forget about you." He squeezes her. "Sure seemed like it. I finally see you after a year and a half, and you don't even look at me." "You've seen me, we video chatted regularly." "Don't start with me, you know that's not the same." She giggles at his pouting. "I know." Jimin pulls her arm breaking her away from the boy's grip and pulling her into a hug. "You shouldn't ignore the rest of us either." "I'm sorry. He's fussy, you guys know that." They laugh as Jungkook's voice shows signs of irritation similar to that of an actual brother. "Shut up." Jimin shushes him. "It's my hug and you're still stealing her attention." Jungkook responds by making a face as he looks away and quietly mimics what he said in an idiotic voice. Boram shushes him as well. "Mind your elders." He rolls his eyes, but remains quiet. Jimin sighs. "It's nice to have you back." "It's nice to be back." That's all he wanted to say during that hug, it was merely extended because of the back and forth with the attitudinal maknae. She looks at Yoongi who's looking at the floor. She bends over a little to get in his field of vision as she speaks in a slightly sing-song tone. "Hello?" He merely lifts up his hand and gently flicks her on the forehead. "Go away." She rubs her forehead as she pouts at him. "Don't tell me you're still upset." He becomes defensive. "I'm not upset. You're just rude." "I'm not rude. You wanted my honest opinion about that track, and I gave it to you. I think I was nice about it." "You were blunt and pulled no punches." "I don't sugarcoat song criticisms. You know that. So are you gonna hug me or mope?" He forces a loud sigh as he reaches out and hugs her. "I suppose I have to, don't I." She has a bright grin on her face after being forgiven. "Yes, you absolutely do. It's a requirement and those who don't comply to this will promptly be asked to leave." He moves his hand up and down her back. His head is resting on her shoulder. "I missed you." "I missed you too. I missed your excellent hugs as well." "Likewise." "Are you going to cry?" Since she has gotten close to him and been the person he can talk to about his difficulties because she understands them, she's the only person he allows to tease him this way. He just smiles and jokes with her. "Maybe I'll cry a damn river, what's it to you?" She lets him go and in fact sees a few tiny tears on his cheek. She wipes them off. "Because you'll make me cry too. Now suck it up kid." "Kid? I'm older than you." "When's your birthday?" "March ninth, 1993. Did you forget?" "No. Did you forget that my birthday is January twelfth, 1993? Learn math. I'm older." He looks away. "Whatever." As she moves to hug Taehyung, he steps back to avoid her. Her feelings are a little hurt by his actions and cold expression. "What's up with you?" He refuses to speak. "Are you going to talk to me?" He only continues to stare down at her. She thinks for a moment as to what she may have done. As soon as she realizes, she grabs his shoulders and pulls him to face level; he remains unfazed by her actions. She lovingly reaches out and ruffles his hair. He immediately has a content grin. She giggles. "Better?" "One more and I'll allow you to hug me." She softly ruffles his hair again, a little longer than before. She mostly wants to hear that adorable purr. However, he doesn't; making her reach out and ruffle it again. He finally purrs. "A free one?" She hugs him. "I was feeling generous." He gives her a little squeeze and lets go. As she hugs Jin they discuss plans they had. Jin asks to confirm them. "As soon as your kitchen is in order, you still plan on cooking dinner with me right?" "Of course. It'll be the perfect first meal cooked in this place. With lots of friends to share it with." "Right." After they part, she turns to Namjoon. His lips curve into a cocky smirk. "Saving the best for last?" "More like putting it off for as long as possible." He puts his hand on his chest and speaks dramatically. "That really hurt. You cut me deep. I'm not sure if I can recover from that." She reaches out and hugs him. "Will this heal it, you big baby." He chuckles. "I'll make due." Once all the greetings are out of the way she invites them to come inside. "There's no chairs or anything yet, so pick a good spot on the floor." Minah has been awkwardly silent and unsure of what to do. She's wanted to go and hide, but Boram would definitely use it as a reason to tease her later. She sits down by Boram, trying to stay as close to her and as far away from the others as possible. As Boram stretches a little she remembers. "I suppose I should introduce you all. Minah, I'm fairly certain you know them all, but for the sake of polite formalities I'll do it anyway. This is Jin, Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung." She reaches out and smacks Jungkook's leg. "This is my little brother that I adopted, Jungkook." She pinches Hoseok's cheek as he sits with his arm around her. "And this is my lovely Hoseok." Minah nods meekly. "Nice to meet you all." Boram giggles. "She'll be awkward for a while, but she'll get comfortable eventually." Minah shoots her a glare that is completely ignored. "Anyway, everyone, this is Minah. She's my younger cousin. Her family is the one I visit every year. She just finished university this year, and she was ready to live on her own; so she graciously decided to help me out." She mumbles. "But what else would one expect when you basically idolize me." Minah loses her shyness immediately. "You're delusional. I haven't looked up to you since I was like seventeen." "Damn it, let me dream. You certainly don't take after me, that's for sure." She shoves her shoulder. "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means I'm polite." "Maybe so, but I don't have the ability to be an absolute ice queen like you. I'm kind by nature." "Then you're just a loud mouth." Minah shoots her another glare that's ignored. Boram jumps up. "So which one of you big men is going to help me move a mattress?" None of them make even the slightest move. She rolls her eyes. "Fine, if there's no volunteers, then I'll pick. Jungkook come help me." He cops an attitude. "Hoseok's your boyfriend, make him help." "You're stronger." He smiles as he's about to stand up. "I suppose you're right." Hoseok stands up first. "I'm strong too! You don't need his help!" She smirks. "Then come prove it." The others groan and Namjoon complains. "Kookie, go with them. Make sure they move the bed and come back." Boram acts insulted. "How dare you suggest that we need a chaperone." He continues the dramatic charade. "Don't you act so innocent, you know precisely what you were plotting to do." Jungkook shoots up. "Besides you shouldn't have to help move the bed. You're a girl and that's a man's job. Hoseok and I can do it." Boram points a finger at him. "Excuse me, but Minah and I were moving things just fine before you all showed up." Minah reaches up and pinches her cousin's butt. She smacks her hand away. "Ow!" "Take the damn help. I don't want to move that mattress anymore." Boram groans. "You sure complain a lot. Fine. Come on guys." She lightly smacks the back of Minah's head before holding her hand out. "You too Barbie doll. You can help me move a couple other things. Smaller and lighter things." She takes her hand. Silently thanking her for not leaving her with them. She wouldn't know what to say, and Boram didn't want her to be stuck in awkward silence. -Boram's point of view- This is so strange. I never thought I'd be living in another country. It's exciting, but absolutely terrifying. I'm so young; yet I feel as though I'm too old to make such a life altering change. What if I don't make enough money? What if Minah moves away? What if she gets irritated with me and just leaves? What if my parents get sick and I need to move back there? What if I get fired from my job? Hoseok stops because I've become lost in my thoughts and slowed down to a halt, meanwhile Minah and Jungkook continue walking. He takes my hand. "Are you okay?" I'm startled by his voice and jump a little. "I take that as a no. What are you thinking so hard about?" His eyes show great concern. He knows how much stress I'm under. I shrug. "Everything." "Such as?" "Literally everything. The only thing I'm not worried about is us." "Well, I'm happy to know that we're secure." "Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't be here." "Is there anything I can do to help you take your mind off of things?" I think for a moment. "Could you hang around for a while tonight; watch a movie or something? I'm not really used to it here and Minah wasn't too happy with me last night." "Sure, I can stay." He kisses my forehead and gently pulls me along to follow Minah and Jungkook. The words finally catch up to him and he stops again. "Why was she upset with you?" "Because I made her sleep with me last night." "What's the big deal if you two slept next to eachother?" "I ended up cuddling her in my sleep." His cheeks turn the slightest shade of pink. "Is that so?" "Yeah." His cheeks turn more red. "Just an arm around her or something?" Absent-mindedly I continue parroting Minah's words to him without fully comprehending his suddenly piqued curiosity. "She said it was more like spooning. Apparently, I'm a lot stronger than her; so she had to try pretty hard to get me off of her." "Wow. Did you wake up?" "No. I guess as soon as she settled back in and was about to fall asleep, I held onto her again. I've only ever shared beds with you in my adult years and apparently it's made me automatically cuddle people." His voice is a little higher. "You're a pretty close and personal cuddler." "I sure am." "You moan sometimes too." "On occasion. She said I only made noises that hummed a little; and that was only a couple times." He's bites his lip a little before he speaks. "Did you eventually stop?" I shake my head. "No, she eventually just gave up and let me have my way. She knew I needed a good night's sleep." He nods urging me to continue. "Did it keep her awake?" "She slept better actually. She said it'd been a while since she'd been held while she slept and it felt kind of comforting; weird, but comforting. Especially in a new place." He slowly covers his mouth to hide the grin on his face. "I see." I finally snap to and add up all his reactions. "Why are you smiling and blushing?" "No reason. It's just cute to know you missed me." "Pervert!" He removes his hand and there's still a wide smile on his face. "Why!" I lower my voice in an attempt to keep the others from hearing such a strange conversation. "That's my cousin. You're so gross for getting turned on by that." "First, second, or third cousin?" Without thinking I blurt out the answer. "Third." "It's totally fine then." "You sicko! It's the idea of it that's gross, not the technicalities!" "I'm a guy!" "That's not an excuse!" He shrugs. "It kind of is." I scoff at him. "It kind of isn't." He looks down and smiles. He doesn't respond besides holding my face and putting his lips over mine to keep me quiet. Despite his dirty thoughts previous to this, his kiss is sweet. As if asking for forgiveness for thinking of me and my cousin as objects. It leaves me wanting more as he pulls away. This leads me to putting my arms around his neck and standing on my toes to continue. I find myself being slowly backed up to the wall. Our kisses are becoming rushed and not exactly as precise. I moan quietly as he pins my hands above my head. He pauses for a moment to shush me. "You don't want anyone to spoil the fun do you?" I bite my lip and shake my head. A mischievous smirk crosses his lips. "That's my girl." - Minah's point of view - I sigh and shake my head as I peek out the doorway to find my cousin being felt up in the hallway. Before Jungkook can look, I turn and put my arm up blocking him. "No need to see that." He blushes a little. "Oh." I walk and sit down on the floor on top of the nest of blankets that served as our bed last night. "You might as well sit down. It could be a while." "Should we tell them to stop?" "Let them be for a bit. It's been over a year since they last saw eachother." He nods. "Can't we move the bed without them?" I laugh a little. "I can't move that thing. The plan was for you and lover boy out there to move it, while Boram and I moved smaller things." He nods and continues standing in the doorway awkwardly. I thought I'd be uncomfortable, but he takes the cake. "You can sit down." I say this as I toss him a pillow. "I'm sure your pants are clean enough." Besides, it's Boram's. She can have Jungkook butt on her pillow for making me sit here alone with nothing to talk about. This is more weird if I don't say anything, I'll just choose to sound like a dork I guess. "So what do you do for a living?" His worried look softens and he smiles slightly. "A little of this and a little of that." "How mysterious. Are you undercover or something?" He takes on an aloof persona, finally loosening up a bit. "Perhaps." "What's your name?" He catches on to my joke. "Jeon. Jeon Jungkook." "You're so intriguing. Do you have a codename?" "I've been known to go by-" He shakes his head. "I've already said too much. My mission could have been compromised from what I've told you." "Then why stop there Mr. Jeon? What's your alias?" He sighs and looks down. He lifts his head slightly to look me in the eyes as he whispers loudly. "They call me-" He shifts his eyes back and forth, then looks back at me. "Kookie." I burst out laughing and he laughs with me. The mood is instantly lightened and I feel like I can speak without worrying too much. "You're a good actor." "You're a good supporting actor." I feign being insulted. "Excuse me? Supporting? I'll have you know that I've won an award." "Really? For acting?" "Not exactly." "Then for what? In this situation, it doesn't really count if it's not for acting." "Fine, fine. It wasn't acting." "Then what?" Boram told me about this. The feeling of telling a professional something you're proud of. It's embarrassing. "It was singing. It's not a big deal or anything, just a high school competition." His eyes light up. "That's cool though! Wow, it's like everyone in your family is talented in entertainment." "Everyone?" "Well, you and Boram anyway. I don't know the rest of your family." "Boram?" Confused, he tilts his head to the side. "Yeah. She dances." "Oh right. How could I forget." Really though, how could I possibly forget the star of the family. If it wasn't for her though, I wouldn't have put as much work into singing as I had. I didn't have to surpass her, but I wish I'd have been able to catch up. With near perfect timing, Boram and Hoseok walk in. "Ready?" She glances at Jungkook sitting on her pillow. Almost immediately she's standing by him. She grabs his ear and somewhat gently gets him to stand up. It's pretty hilarious seeing a grown man who's quite tall, bent over at the will of a small woman. She is pretty intimidating though. She can make adults feel like children being scolded. "Why would you sit on my pillow! I put my face on that when I sleep, and now it's got Jungkook butt all over it!" He's wincing a little from her grabbing his ear. "Minah handed it to me." She lets go and sighs as she pats his head a couple times. "Sorry. I should be grabbing her ear, not yours." He nods pathetically. She flicks his forehead. "But you're old enough to know better." She shakes her head. "Anyway, the bed goes in here, it's still in the living room. Minah and I are going to be busy putting things away, so I figured I'd just show you where to bring it." The guys seem unimpressed by her supervisor like attitude. She smiles brightly as she smushes Jungkook's cheeks, once again treating him like a child. She's even talking in a tone that you'd use with one. "Come on. Do big sister a favor." He's trying hard to hold back a smile. She's still messing with his cheeks. "It's not that difficult, I shouldn't have to bribe you." He narrows his eyes. She sighs and rests her hands on her hips. "Fine. What do you want so badly? It's going to take you about a minute to move that mattress, so keep it proportionate to that amount of work." He pauses in thought, then snaps his fingers as he determines his payment. "Pizza." Her face scrunches a little. "Pizza, that's it? You made it seem like you wanted something elaborate." He quickly adds more. "And a movie. You have to order pizza and watch a movie with me." He glances at Hoseok, with a mocking smile. "Just me." "That's fine. A movie night sounds fun. Action movie or comedy? No drama. Since Hoseok likes those I watch them plenty so we can talk about them." "Both comedy and action." She immediately responds with a movie suggestion. "Kung Fu Hustle matches that criteria. Plus I own it on DVD. Now that your pay has been negotiated, go do me the favor." She shoos them out. Hoseok turns back before leaving. "We didn't discuss my reward." She winks and he grins. "I'll take that over anything else in the world." She giggles. "Get out. I don't want to see you two unless you've got a mattress with you." She sits on the floor near me. "They wear me out." "Seems like it, but you all get along so well on such a personal level. It's hard to believe this is only the third time you've seen them all." "Fourth time for Jungkook. He saw me off when I left last year. It helps if you don't think of them as celebrities. The biggest reason I'm close with them all is because we've stayed in touch really well. It seems we all managed to have something in common so we all hit it off." "You're really part of the family I guess." She smiles. "I'd like to think so." With that, she stands up. "Back to work." ... - Boram's point of view - After about twenty minutes of moving things we go back to the room that will be a living room as soon as there's some furniture in it. We sit back down as we had before. Namjoon makes a jokingly snide remark. "That sure took a while." I throw one back at him. "It's not like you volunteered to help. But then again, I needed movers, not a demolition crew." As I bask in the glory of hearing the boys laugh at him, he tries to cut through it. "Yeah, yeah." He looks over at Minah who's trying not to laugh. "You can laugh, you know. Just treat us normally. As you can see, your cousin doesn't give two fucks about our fame. She gives us shit regardless. However, it'd be great if you didn't rip on us too hard. She covers that well enough." I can't suppress the quiet and slightly evil laugh that comes from me. Minah immediately nudges me. "Don't be rude to our guests." "I'm your cousin! Stick up for me! He was rude before I was!" She shakes her head. "When will you grow up?" "Never. Just call me Wendy." Hoseok puts his arm around my waist. "And I'm your Peter Pan." I giggle, but everyone else seems to have a different reaction to Hoseok's usual cheesiness. Jimin shudders. "It's been a while since we've had to hear one of those lame lines. I don't know how you enjoy that." I look at Hoseok and tap his nose gently. "Because it's him." "What would you do if I said something like that." I give him a serious look. "Gag; either that or I'd laugh in your face." He looks unfazed by the insult. "But when Hoseok used to tell you cheesy lines, you'd laugh in his face too. Does that mean eventually you'd fall in love with me too?" I shake my head in amazement. "When are you not creepy?" "How was that creepy!" "Are you dense? You just asked if I'd fall in love with you. That's creepy." "It was a hypothetical question!" "It was a creepy hypothetical question." Jimin looks to the guys to back him up. "Come on, was it that weird of a question!" They all nod. Taehyung gives a response with his trademark deadpan look. "I know weird when I see it, and that was weird." Jimin lies on his back in defeat. "Fine. I'm weird and creepy." Minah gives him a sweet smile as she finally speaks openly. "You're not creepy." He immediately sits up as though healed, a smile spreads across his face. "Thank you!" She continues smiling. "However, you are a tiny bit weird." He returns to lying down in his defeated position. "Thanks." Before she can fix what she said, Taehyung points at her. "You!" Her eyes widen. "What?" "You're like an anime character! You're one of those girls who thinks they're being nice, but are completely oblivious and say things wrong by accident." I burst out laughing. "Tae that's perfect! That's absolutely Minah in a nutshell!" She gets huffy. "I'm fine with words! I just misspoke this one time!" I calm my laughter and give her a consoling look due to her denial. "Honey. Baby. You trip over your words constantly. I still insist you made an unfitting choice in your degree." Jin leaves the sidelines, and joins in the conversation. "What did you get a degree in?" She looks away as she mumbles. "Linguistics." I chuckle. "She got it because of me." She punches me lightly on the arm. "Where do you get this idea that I only live for you?" "Because when you were younger you told me you wanted to speak two languages like me." "How old was I? Five? That doesn't count for shit." "It counts. I planted the seed of the idea. You're welcome." Before she can respond Namjoon is asking her a question. "What languages do you speak besides Korean?" She responds after giving me a look since she can't say anything more. "English and Mandarin. I'm working on Japanese at the moment." "Are you fluent?" She pauses and thinks before answering. "See, my view on fluency differs a little. I personally don't think someone is fluent until they've lived somewhere that required them to use that language to get by. So no, I suppose I'm not fluent, but I'm right before that. Once you have a dream in another language, you know you're pretty set." He nods as he thinks about what she said. "That's a pretty interesting way to see it." He turns to me. "You two are a lot alike." Simultaneously Minah and I turn to eachother with the most confused and appalled looks on our faces. As if we were being cued, we speak in unison. "How the fuck are we alike!" Once we hear eachother a look of realization replaces the one of denial. The boys laugh at us, but we don't seem to find this as funny. No one wants to hear that they're like someone else. I point at Namjoon to single him out. "What do you mean we're alike? We argue all the time because we're different." He stops laughing, but has a warm smile as he speaks, "I'm fairly certain you both argue because your personalities are so similar. You both are pretty blunt and out spoken." Jungkook, having talked with her the most, offers his opinion. "And she jokes kind of like you." After being silent for most of the visit Yoongi finally utters something somewhat under his breath. "As much as I hate to admit that someone is like you; she's intelligent and descriptive in the same way you are." I scoff at him. "Intelligent? She's an airhead! She's so dense!" She scoffs at me. "Excuse me! You forget everything if you don't set an alarm several times a day!" "What does that have to do with anything!" "You're an idiot whose brain can't comprehend the idea of time and memory! You're like an ancient Nokia phone, no memory space!" Jin tries to stop our bickering. "Girls calm down! Why is it so bad to be similar? You're family, doesn't it make sense to be slightly alike?" Minah shakes her head. "Whether it's logical or not, we don't like to hear we're alike all the time." I nod. "It gets old. Especially when we honestly never spent time together really, so it's not like we grew up together. This is all just natural occurences. That's why it drives us nuts." Jimin tilts his head in slight confusion. "So you don't like that you two naturally acquired personalities that coincide?" "Precisely. It makes us feel unoriginal." Namjoon smiles and shakes his head. "You both are extremely original, I assure you." Once again, as if on cue, we roll our eyes and speak in unison, "Whatever." And just like that we burst out laughing. In between laughs I throw out an insult. "Minah, I hate you. Quit being a cheap knock off of the original." "Boram, I hate you too. I'm not a knock off, I'm an upgrade of the original." We settle our laughter and exchange looks of kind understanding. We love eachother even if we say otherwise. We realize that we're alike, to the point that many would think we're sisters. As only children, it's always been a little comforting to know we had an almost-sibling in the family. ... - Minah's point of view - After just saying goodbye to the other boys, I yell to Boram as she makes her way to her room with Hoseok. "Hey, have you seen my phone?" "Isn't that it over there?" She points at a phone on the floor. "Oh! I swear I'm blind sometimes." I walk over and pick it up, but when I click the button I see the wallpaper is different. "Shit. One of the guys took my phone by accident." She motions me to the door. "Then go catch up to them and switch it back." I run to the door and swing it open, but as I rush out the door, I'm met by Yoongi. I completely trip trying to stop on a dime and fall into him. He catches me so I don't fall. "I take it this is your phone I have?" I hurriedly stand back up. "It would appear so." As we exchange phones, before he turns to leave he pauses. "So, in case this happens again, I suppose I should have your number so I can call you." It takes me about two seconds to find an issue with that statement. "You'd be calling the phone in your hand if you tried to call me to tell me you had my phone." His cheeks blush a little and he scratches his head nervously. "You weren't really supposed to explain why that didn't make sense." "Was I supposed to just give you my number?" He mumbles, "Basically." He's pretty shy. I'm surprised he wants my number. He barely spoke this entire time, I figured he didn't like me much. In fact, he seemed to be practically glaring at me for most of the visit. "I guess there wouldn't be any harm in that." He shrugs attempting to be aloof, but he seems slightly nervous. "Fine with me." I give him my number and he turns to leave. "I'll talk to you later." "Sure. Bye." I shut the door and lock it. As I'm walking to the kitchen I get a text from an unknown number. "Too soon?" I giggle to myself as I respond. "Not at all." Maybe he wasn't actually glaring at me. Is it too much to say he must have been admiring me? I shudder and mumble to myself, "I've already been around Boram too much. Her vanity is rubbing off." - Boram's point of view - I let out a content sigh. "It feels so nice to lie here with you." He pulls me closer and lets out the same sort of sigh. "I agree. You know what the best part is?" I close my eyes as I rest my head on his shoulder. "What?" "We're not rushed anymore. I can see you and not worry about you leaving the next day." "And we can have lazy days and not feel like it's a waste of the time we have together. We don't have to be so far apart anymore." "Exactly. I'll miss sleeping and waking up with you since I won't be able to do it all the time, but I won't have to miss you so desperately. Except for when I go on tour, then I'll definitely miss you desperately." "I'll be just as desperate for you. This was a huge hurdle to leap, but I'm grateful I went through with this. Just lying here with you is proving to me how much it was worth." He smoothes my hair and then runs his fingers through it. "I completely agree. I can't imagine how difficult it was." He tilts my chin up and gives me a small kiss. A sweet little peck that somehow carries a heavy emotion with it as it crosses my lips. He looks at me deeply with sincere eyes. I rarely see this look on his face, it's as if it's solely reserved for when we're in person. "I love you Boram. I know you went through so much to get here and you did all of that for me, no, for us. You did all this for us. That means the world to me. I never thought someone would love me enough to uproot their life to further a relationship. I never even thought I'd be in such a serious relationship at my age with the way I'd been acting before I fell for you. But here I am with you, over two years later. I'm thankful for every moment we get to spend together. The fact that we'll have more moments won't cheapen them. They won't be less special just because I see you more. It'll just add to the collection of beautiful memories I have with you. They'll be as important and I'll be infinitely happier that there will be more opportunities to make those memories with you." He shakes his head a little. "I love you so damn much. You have no idea." "I have every idea, because I love you just as deeply. Yes, I made a huge decision to move here; but knowing that you were here waiting for me, made it easier to do. When I'd think about lying in bed with you or going on dates, it made me want to move here that very second. I never thought I'd meet a man who would treat me like you do. You treat me like a princess." He corrects me. "You mean goddess." How can he be a smart ass during such a sweet moment? "Excuse me, goddess. You treat me like a goddess." "Better. Now please, go on." I reflexively roll my eyes. "As I was saying. You're literally the man of my dreams. Actually, I take that back. You're better than any man I could imagine. You exceed every expectation I can think of. With every gesture you make, be it small or grand, I fall even deeper in love with you." He strokes my cheek. "I don't think I could ever top the gesture you made. Moving to the other side of the world is a pretty tough thing to beat." I giggle. "I suppose that's true." He gives me another kiss and as he pulls away he stays close, talking in a hushed tone. "But I'll spend the rest of my life trying to. I promise that. I'll never give up on us. You're meant for me and I'm meant for you." I respond in that same quiet tone. "Of course, only a goddess is fit for a god. Right?" He smiles slightly and nods. "Exactly." He rests his forehead against mine. He blushes a little before he begins talking. He surprises me when he speaks English. He never speaks it; so it means a lot when he does. "You are the best thing to ever happen to me. You are lovely on the inside and the outside. I admire everything about you. You mean the world to me. Boram, I love you and I always will. Even if you stop loving me, I will still love you. You will never leave my heart." I speak English while I attempt to hold back tears. "Hoseok, I don't think I could ever stop loving you. You've been in my heart since the first night we met. You made sure of that. I'm thankful for you. You're a gift I never expected to have in my entire life." He smiles. "You can not return this gift. I am here to stay." I shake my head. "I'd never dream of returning you. The universe blessed me with you, I wouldn't be so rude as to send you away." I'm surprised he's still going in English. Is he stuck? "The universe? You are so cheesy." I giggle again as the tears I was holding back are erased. "You should know, you're the expert on cheesy romance. It's rubbed off on me. I'm contaminated." "Are you," He winks. "Love sick?" I burst out laughing and flick his forehead. "And the super cute moment is officially over! Bye-bye sweet and tender Hoseok! Hello cheeseball, oh how I've missed you!" He laughs as he returns to speaking Korean. "Well, it wouldn't be a perfect memory if I didn't somewhat ruin it with something lame." I sigh. "Very true. You started so much of this love we share with your lame attempts at romance." He sits up suddenly, pushing me off of him. "Oh! That reminds me!" "What?" "The pillows." He picks up one of the pillows on my bed. "What about them?" "There's two, just like before. One for me," He picks up the other and immediately flings it at me. "And one for you!" After I recover for a second from the surprise of him hurling a pillow at me, I latch onto it and hit him with it. "You brat! Aren't we too old for this!" He ducks a little as I hit him, he then finds an opening and hits me on the side before he jumps off the bed. "If you're too old, then I guess you won't be able to catch me will you?" He opens the door and dashes out, pillow in hand. I climb off the bed and chase behind him. "Wanna bet!" When we get to the living room he slips on the floor and slows down a bit to keep from falling. He's wearing socks on a wood floor, meaning I have the advantage since I'm barefoot. I get up to him and immediately start landing a barrage of playful hits with my pillow. "Do you give in? Did I win yet?" He catches the pillow and yanks it out of my hand with one swift pull. "Yes, yes! You win! I surrender!" He tosses it on the floor along with his and turns back to me. He gives me a sly look as he wraps his arms around my waist. "I completely surrender myself to you." "Sometimes I just don't know what to say to you. All I know is that you keep me feeling young and playful." He looks down in disappointment. "So I'm immature." I tilt his chin so he's looking at me as I shake my head. "No. You're mature. You have a way of making me feel alive though. When I'm with you I feel like I'm living in the moment and enjoying the life I was given. When I'm with you I feel like I'm spending my time on something worthwhile. Love is worthwhile and I'd never truly experienced it until I was with you. I know you already have things in your life that you're doing that are meaningful; so if I wasn't with you, you'd feel just as complete. You have dance and music to-." His brow furrows and there's a serious tone in his voice. "You're absolutely wrong. My life wouldn't be complete. I need you. You inspire me. You give me emotions to use in my dance and music. I used to do it for only myself, but now it feels like I'm doing it for you too. You make me want to do better and reach my full potential. Don't ever think that my life would be the same with or without you. That's absolutely ridiculous and I won't have you believing that nonsense." I grab him into a hug. You'd think my life depended on it with how tightly I'm hugging him. I can't stop the tears that fall. "Hoseok?" He holds me and moves his hand up and down my back. "What?" I can't think of any elaborate statements to fully explain to him how that makes me feel. I can only say one thing to try and encompass everything. "I love you." He chuckles and gives me a squeeze. "I love you, too."

Again, thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the final chapter and that it met any and all expectations.

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