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Hello everyone! Its Melissa, here to bring you more awesome interviews of HIGH4. I am sorry about yesterday, but I'll be making it by making two GOTW cards by tonight. Let's get started on the first one.
The first one is After School Club. Yes ASC! HIGH4 came on ASC two times. This video is the first time they were on the show.
This video is the second time HIGH4 came on ASC. I really enjoyed them both. You can tell the difference between the two videos. In the second one, the boys are less nervous and have more Confidence. What do you think? Can you tell the difference? yakcha Team @JiyongLeo @AmberRelynn @Bwolfgirl MADTOWN Crew @Vixxstarlight1 @LocoForJiyong @jiyongleo @IsoldaPazo @Vatcheeafandi99 Topp Dogg Moderator @MrsJungHoseok Topp Dogg Klass Mod Supporters @kaeliShearer @AimeeH @HeichousRegalia @XergaB20 @twistedPuppy the Royal Squad @QueenLee - moderator @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t Group of the week taglist: @Kieuseru @ESwee @EliseB @KAddict @Starbell808 @pharmgirlerin @lilbr0wneyes @resavalencia @CrystalGuerra @SerenityThao @jessicaacosta90 @Isolate @Bwolfgirl @twistedPuppy @sherrysahar @ibMIMI @Maddie27 @CreeTheOtaku @mrsjeon @merryjane13 @milcalopez963 @AaliyahNewbell @milcalopez963 @JiminsJams4 @petname83 @JaxomB @alucard9768 @SimplyAwkward @AmberRelynn @AlyssaGelet18 @NykeaKing @ShinoYuki @LaurenStrayhorn @Xoxojessica12 @Kayto4 @ckienitz @karinamiranda81 @CrookedShadow @shelbyhusband
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LOVE THEM. So underrated. 😭
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@StephanieDuong ok I'll be adding them on my list.