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My Kcon NY Experience

This year was my first Kcon and first Kpop concert in general. I went for Mamamoo mostly but I was obviously excited for all the other events.
When my sister and I got to the convention site, we were just randomly walking everywhere, getting the lay of the land haha. I wanted to go see JRE during Kcon but JunCurryAhn was overlapping and that was her plan. In the line for JRE we met some amazing people that actually gave us audience and hi-touch passes for free (I love people). We leave JRE to see JunCurryAhn and there's a surprise guest at his event which happened to be the amazing Mamamoo that I came for, safe to say I almost cried haha.
The next day we wake up early to get there for the Hi-Touch for Eric Nam and it was hectic. When I shook his hand all I could think of was WGM so I said "You and Solar are the ship I didn't know I needed in my life." He laughed and I walked away, story of my life. The concert...the concert was great. I was sitting up pretty high but I don't think that's important when you get to see your idol on stage. I felt like I wasn't even there. Like I was watching a YouTube video, really it still feels that surreal to me.
When I watch a Kdrama or a variety show or even a live performance, I immerse myself. I feel like I'm there so when I actually was there, it felt no different than sitting on my bed except that I walked so much my feet hurt (I actually forgot sneakers back home so I had to buy some in NY too). Even if I didn't feel the closeness, it was a cool experiment and I met some great people. Next time I go, I think it'll still be surreal, but even more enjoyable.
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It was fun, I was there on Saturday only because Iwanted to see Mamamoo and BTS. I also went last year when VIXX, AOA, TeenTop, and Girls Generation performed and that was my first KPOP concert. Last year I also had fun even though I went by myself but I got to see TeenTop before the concert as they went to the Toyota Pavilion and since then I have been to a couple of kpop concerts and had in every single one I have attended. Sorry that this was so long.
Even with good shoes on, my feet were killing me by the end of each day.
we shd meet up thr next time lol ❤❤👌
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