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Okay I want to seriously say sorry for making you all wait so long! Life has been hectic I am soooo sorry I promise I will start posting more often again.
Y/n pov
“ I don't want you to leave.” I whined softly as I buried my face into his exposed side as his arm tightened around my waist pulling me closer. “ I don't want to be apart from you even for a second.” He sighed deeply into my hair. Silence soon fell over the room as we both lay enjoying the embrace while our hands softly traced each other's body as if to engrave it into our memory. “ I am going to miss waking up with you safe in my arms.” He whispered as his thumb traced along my cheek bone as his eyes bore into mine. “ I feel like I am leaving you all over again.” He tried to say as his voice broke shifting his eyes away as they brimmed with tears. “ Kim Jiwon look at me.” I whispered as I pulled his face towards mine until his tearful eyes landed on mine. “ I love you don't you ever forget that Jiwon. Also this is nothing like last time give it a year tops and I will be back in Korea.” I smiled gently wiping away a fallen tear from his cheek. “ I am supposed to be the strong one in this relationship dork.” He painfully laughed before pulling me into chest to hide the fact he was crying. Just hearing the sounds of his cries was enough to push me over the edge as tear pushed their way from my closed eyes. Who knows how long we stayed like that crying together. “ Y/n I love you don't you ever doubt that for one second you understand?” He slowly pulled away kissing my now swollen eyes just as there was a knock on the door. “ I hope you two are dressed because I am coming in.” Bobby's brother said with a smirk on his face as he opened the door. “ Since tonight is your last night here Mom and dad want us all to sleep in the same room. They already have a space set up so hurry up and get dressed then come out.” Laughing at how I was hiding underneath the blanket while his brother lay there baring his flesh before he closed the door. “ Well I guess we should get dressed then.” Bobby laughed quickly kissing me before jumping out of bed. “ I question my self daily for picking this family.” I mumbled to myself with a chuckle before joining Bobby getting dressed.
We all spent the rest of the night piled together on top of many blankets sharing stories among other things. None of us wanted morning to come because we knew it would take Bobby away from us again, but as much as we wished for it not to come it was inevitable. The dawning sun broke through the small gap in between the window and the curtain gently warming my face stirring me from my slumber. I awoke to Bobby's arms tightly wrapped around me while Oppa's arms somehow were wrapped around the both of us. Our sleeping position was quite odd with me on the end then Bobby, Oppa, Mom, then Dad on the other end. Slowly as to not awaken anyone I quickly made my way to my phone to capture this beautiful moment on camera. Plus one always needs good blackmail on their boyfriend. “ Y/n?” Bobby mumbled cuddling up to his brother who was mumbling his girlfriends name as well. Silently saying thanks that I had my phone as I started recording. “ You smell nice baby” His brother mumbled sleepily resting his chin on top of Bobby's head. “ Well of course I have to make sure I smell good for you.” Bobby mumbled back nestling his face into his brothers chest until something finally clicked as they both jump apart with a loud yell waking everyone else. “ What were you doing!” They both yelled together as I finally lost it as all eyes flew to me. “ Y/n? What is in your hand?” Bobby said as he slowly made his way to me to get the phone. “ You didn't record that did you?” Oppa asked nervously as I could only laugh running away before Bobby could catch me. “ You better delete those right now!” Bobby laughed picking me up as I squealed. “ Never!” I smirked quickly sending it to the group chat with his members. “ What did you just do?” His eyes widened looking down towards my phone as the group name was displayed at the top. “ You love me.” Was all that I was able to say as laughter erupted from my mouth just as bobby threw me onto the bed in his room. “ You are lucky I love you dork.” He couldn't help but laugh as well before kissing me. “ I know I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have the soon to be famous Kim Jiwon's heart, and I couldn't ask for more than that.” I lamely said as my face flushed while my hands quickly covered my face. “ You are so adorable, but never forget my heart beats for you and you alone.” He lightly kissed my hands before moving them to kiss my lips. “ Mine only beats for you as well Jiwon don't ever doubt my love for you.” I smiled looking up towards him as we got lost in each other eyes. “ As much as I hate to break you two love birds up we have to leave in thirty minutes.” Oppa sighed standing their awkwardly. Time started to move way to fast after that before I knew it we were all standing at the air port saying our goodbyes. Of course I was saved for last as Bobby stood there with tears streaming down his face as he quickly pull me into his arms. As both of us stood there unable to mutter a words as tears attacked our face. “ I love you baby.” We both said causing us to laugh slightly as we pulled apart enough to look towards each other. “ I will see you soon my love.” He promised wiping tears from my face before kissing my eyes. “ Call me once you land?” I said holding out my pinky making him chuckled as he quickly wrapped his around mine. “ It's a promise my love.” He smiled before quickly kissing me then rushing to the plane as they call for final boarding as we stood frozen for what felt like years as his mothers arms wrapped around me as we both stood there crying.
Bobby's Pov
The plane ride back to Korea was the longest ride in my life. I kept replaying the way her face looked as I was leaving “ I am hurting her again aren't I?” I mumbled to myself just as I swore I could hear what she would say. ' Kim Jiwon don't you dare doubt my love for you.' And she would have that adorable pout on her face that always happened when I said things like that. “ I hope she is okay.. Only another hour or so then I can call her.” I kept telling myself otherwise I would never make it through this flight as I kept looking through the pictures we took together.
Both Pov
Before we knew it months flew by as Bobby poured himself into his work, and I did the same with school. We knew nothing about what was to come our way but soon we would find that fate can be cruel.
After waking up to my phone buzzing loudly signalling most likely Bobby had sent me something. Quickly jumping out of bed to rush to grab my phone to see a kakao notification from none other than JiwonJagiya<3.
Without a second to spare I opened the chat to find a video quickly hitting play. “ Hey Y/n I have been working on a song and naturally you are the first person I wanted to hear it.” He smiled awkwardly as he pulled out a guitar. “ I hear the sound of another day passing in a world without you the moon would fade and the sun would rise, and I'd be mourning. I felt that I couldn't live a single day, a single hour I thought I'd have to keep missing you. My sadness was because you and I had to be hurting each other. It wasn't because you were gone you're still a part of me baby. Where do I begin, how do I forgot you? I still haven't gotten a grasp baby. Won't you forget me, even if it hurts, it's still love. It's love , It's love even if we erase it, it's love. No matter how much you empty yourself of me You're the only one who lives inside my heart.” He sang without looking towards the camera as it looked like he was trying to hide his face. I didn't even know I was crying until I saw tear drops fall onto the screen of my phone as I quickly went to wipe them. “ That idiot never changes does he.” I laughed restarting the video just to listen to his voice. “ Jagiya I love you more than words could ever express. I miss your face, your laugh, even your adorable pouting. Only another month before you graduate and are back in my arms.” He smiled before singing many other songs, but who would of thought he would take an hour out of his practice time just to make this video for me. “ Goodnight my love” He smiled before the video cut off. I wasn't sure how many times I watched the entire video before sleep took me once again.
Next thing I knew I was standing in the same airport saying goodbye to Bobby's family as I was getting ready to finally fly back to Korea. It was a bitter sweet moment saying as I had spent most of my teenage years with them, and came to love them as my own family. At the same time I was finally going back to Korea and back to Bobby. “ Please take care of yourself my dear daughter.” Bobby's mom smiled pulling me in for yet another hug. “ I will mom I love you all, but just wait soon enough Bobby will have a place ready for you in Korea.” I smiled repeating the same words he said before leaving as she smiled. “ I love you my daughter now go before you miss the plane.” She laughed before pushing me slightly hiding her tears. “ I love you all I promise to call once I land.” I said while dashing towards the plane barely making it in time to board. Since I had plenty of time to kill on the plane I opened my pictures looking over them. Once I came across one of Bobby and I together I started replaying the last conversation we had over in my head while smile spread across my face. ' I can't wait to have you in my arms again baby. I will definitely be there to pick you up.' I told him many times he can't show up at the airport now that people in Korea know him, but he didn't care. I finally was able to convince him otherwise with the help of Hanbin who I heard chased him around the dorm until he gave in. The next picture was one I took before leaving Korea with June and Jinhwan, but what I found odd and unsettling was Jinhwan had stopped talking to everyone except June from what I was told. He refused to answer my calls now or even open my messages on Kakao. As worry began to eat away at my mind once again I quickly closed the pictures moving on to the next way to kill time until I fell asleep.
“Excuse me miss, we have landed you and exit the plane now.” A flight attendant smiled as she lightly shook me awake before her words made sense to me. “ Thank you very much!” I rushed heading towards the exit just as a face I was not expecting came into my view at the end of the tunnel. “ Excuse me are you by chance Y/n?” They asked as I froze in my tracks at their words. “ Wait you are talking to me?” I asked bewildered there was no way they were talking to me. “ Yes you Y/n I am here to pick you up.” They smiled leaving me speechless this couldn't be real right. “ Wait shouldn't you at least have a mask or something what if someone sees you?” I said having a mini panic attack at the thought of the headlines tomorrow if they were spotted together. Just as I was rambling on he quickly came up to me wrapping his arm around my waist like it was natural instead of it being the first time meeting. “ That is the idea Y/n, you will understand soon.” He winked pulling me along with him as my mind completely went blank as people were yelling, taking picture, and everything else. Next thing I knew we were climbing into a very nice black car as I came face to face with Yg himself. I could feel my soul leaving my body as Jiyong shut the door behind us looking towards me with a smile. “ Hi Y/n it is nice to meet you. I have wanted to have this talk with you for sometime now so what do you say shall we talk?” Yg smiled towards me, and I have never felt so terrified in my entire life as I did in that moment.
That cliffhanger though. What is going on with Jinhwan? Why Is Jiyong all over Y/n? Why is Yg there? So many questions that need to be answered. ^_^
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
OMO, I just got caught up, and what a time to be left with a cliffhanger! Loving this, it's a great story. I have such a talented sister. 😉
😶😶💗 awe erin thank you! It's a wonderful cliffhanger isn't it 😈😂
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