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I always love how Ravi reads Leo's little nods and small worded comments like a boss... For example he seems to know that something like a small nod and Leo saying "Overall good" means "Overall I think we did very good on this concert..." You guys know what I mean??? Ravi and Leo have a very good bond as group mates and their chemistry is just too much for me sometimes...
N and Leo cracks me up though, that is no joke... N seems like a pushy Hyung, which isn't a bad thing... Leo seems like a guy who needs some help being opened... Plus Leo just has a different way of showing his emotions... He loves his Hyung too just not as much as his hyung loves him...
Ravi just approaches things with Leo in a different way than N... It meshes better than N's approach in my opinion... N's is just not as polished??? But Leo loves both of his Vixx brothers I am sure of it... I am sure he loves all his Vixx brothers... He is just closer to Ravi and N... On another note... I have to say that red is a wonderful color on Leo both clothes and hair wise, Ravi looks sexy with a Mohawk(I always love his hair), N rocks eyeliner and last but not least Ravi and Leo have some really nice arms and I mean reaaaaally nice...
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this is great! I love wontaek! And N eomma is such a beautiful thing too!
These guys are so cute! I love seeing their different interactions with each other and they are just so incredibly dreamy. Thanks for all the pictures.
Lol no problem!!! I ship WonTaek hard but Neo is too cute to not like...