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"If you see light in your life go get it but they give up since there is no light. This is the reason why I make songs to help them". Min Yoongi He issszz just soooooooooo inspirational soooooooooo pure and such a kind sweetheart i just love him soooooooooo muchhhh❤❤❤ All credit to its actual owners for everything Everyone please show Lots of love to my sweet cutte precious minyoongi ❤❤❤ He is Just too precious !!
I just admire how much of a real person he is. he keeps it real and inspires so many.
damn i hate love him xD lol idk if that make sense but I do xD @Stephany123 you know how hard it is to not love your bias... I hate love him xD
I have ssoo much more respect for this boy after reading this.
I keep thinking of Kookie when he says 'People in their 20's"
@twistedPuppy i totally get u chingu 👌😉 lols