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Hey guys! Im back with singer appreciation Saturdays! Now I know its been a minute but this saturday will be............Suran!!!
Now this is going to be a short post because Not Much is Know about Suran. What is know is that she made her debut with her single "I Feel" in 2014. She has very powerful and soulful vocals but they are unique. She has featured in songs made by Primary, Zico, and a few other artist. She was also part of a duo group called LODIA.
Her Work!: "I Feel" "DDANG DDANG DDANG" "Calling in love" "Paradise go" She has a very unique sound an is crazy talented! She is honestly my fave female singer and sounds like no other! Listen to her if you havent yet!
She is also Insanely gorgeous! Isnt she?!?!
Here is Suran before she dyed her Hair green!
So give her listen guys she's amazing!
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She featured in one of the songs from suga's mixtape too~^^
really!? Haha thanks for telling me! Imma listen to it!