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Now that we've seen some of HIGH4's dances, I think it's time we see some of their live performances. It's the goal of every idol to perform on stage in front of his or her fans, in front of cameras for the world, and in front of other idols he or she may look up to. So I think it's important to acknowledge the hard work these idols have put into - after all their training, all their practice - to get to the stages they were able to perform on.
Here we go~
First up we have performances on the "big" stages. The chart and countdown stages, where idols know they've hit it big - at least with their newest songs - when they get invited to perform. And of course they're guaranteed to reach millions of fans both nationally and internationally.
In order the songs are:
1. Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms (debut song with IU)
2. Day by day
3. Baby boy
4. D. O. A. (Dead or Alive)
5. Headache
These next videos are ones many an international fan of a group are quite familiar with. Fancams. They're a boon to those of us who cannot attend those concerts and performances in Korea or even those in th world tour when they travel internationally.
These fan cams are of the following songs:
6. Ment
>>> A little Close
7. Baby Boy
>>> Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms
>>> Say yes
>>> A little close
So what did you think about their performances? What were your favorites?
I personally enjoyed them, although a few had quiet intros which I was a little bummed about. I also felt attacked by Baby Boy. Not what I was expecting from a song with that title. i was deceived.
Until the next card ;)
Have a wonderful day, week, and weekend~