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Chapter 6
(Warning SMUT)
Sato’s POV
I watched as Y/N left my office to head down to leave with the rest of the make-up staff. I smile as I watch her. After I walk back into my office I stand in front of the window again. “Still not as beautiful of view as Y/N.” I thought to myself. “But why did she act like she was seeing it for the first time, she’s seen it multiple times?” I think to myself as cock my head a bit. “Maybe I’m just over thinking things.” I said out loud. That’s when I hear knock on my door.
“Come in.” I shout and the door opens, my secretary walks into my office with a file in her hand. She hands it to me and I place it on my desk.
I walk around my desk moving closer to my secretary. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her in for a passionate kiss, running my hand up her thigh lifting her leg up, she wraps it around my waist as I walk her towards the wall and press her against it. She wraps her arms around my neck, I bite her lip and she moans against my mouth, the sound of her moaning makes me want her more. My secretary pulls away from my kiss.
“Is everything settled?” she asks me. I burry my face in her neck kissing it softly, nibbling gently on her soft neck. She slides her hands down to my crotch and rubs my already hardened member. I pull away from her neck and look at her with a devious smile, when she repeats the question.
“Yes, everything is settled, it won’t be long now before I’m married to a very rich child and I’ll become a widow all in the same day.” I reply. My secretary smiles at me and pushes me down over the couch that was next to us. I watch her as she places her hands on the side of her skirt and starts to unzip it. Letting the skirt fall to the floor, she climbs on top of me and as she kisses me she unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants pulling out my erection out of hiding.
“Is this my reward for being a good boy?” I ask her. My secretary nods her head. I smile as I reach up and pull her panties off, she quickly pulls my pants down to my ankles and sits herself on top of me pushing my hard cock inside of her.
Takuya’s POV
“Hey guys, we have a music show to do next.” Shin shouted to the members in the van, as he was going through a book checking things off.
“Hey Takuya, Y/N will be there to do your make-up and stuff okay.” So don’t worry you’ll get to see your lover again.” Shin said in a whisper to me. I look at him surprised.
“What?” Shin asked in a low tone. I shook my head.
“I forgot you knew, how long have you known?” I ask shyly. I rub my hands together.
“I found out last week. You don’t remember telling me about it.” Shin asked, I shook my head. “I knew you had a thing for her for about a year, but were too shy to say anything to her, and then on the day you finally confessed to her, she found out she’s engaged to Mr. Sato.” Shin replied.
“Seriously you guys had hooked up for maybe half a day before finding out about her engagement.” Shin continued to explain the situation between Y/N and I.
We arrive at the building where we are supposed to be having the music show, I keep a look out for Y/N, nervous that something happened and she wouldn’t show up. I finally relaxed when I saw her. “That Shin guy was right.” I said to myself in a low whisper. The rest of the members took their seats and they had at least one to two people working on theme. I find an empty seat and I see Y/N walking over towards me.
“Hello Y/N.” I said with a smile, Y/N smiles back at me, she leans into me I feel my body tense as she whispers in my ear.
“When we get a chance I need to speak with you.” She said, I just nod my head in reply. She sets her bag down and gets to work on my face.
“Don’t make me look like a clown.” I said in a playful tone. She laughs.
“You’re lucky I’m a painter otherwise this would be difficult for me.” She replied
“You’re a painter? I didn’t know that.” I said.
“Yeah, back home anyway, now I’m a make-up artist.” She replied.
“I’d like to see a painting of yours someday.” I said with a smile. Y/N looks at my reflection in the mirror and smiles back at me.
I watch Y/N as she works, at one point she has to get close to me, close enough I can smell her sweet scent, she smells like vanilla warm and sweet. After she’s finished, I thank her and move onto the stage with the other members.
I take a deep breath as I prepare myself to rehearse with the boys. “Please body, know the correct moves.” I pray in my head. The music starts and without hesitation my body starts to move, it’s like it has a mind of its own and it knows exactly what it needs to do. I was grateful for knowing that, it’s one less thing to worry about.
Out of the corner of my eye I see Y/N and she’s watching me with a smile on her face. This boots my ego and I work extra hard knowing she’s watching me. I want to impress her.
“Great work everyone.” Shin said as he claps his hands together, the rest of the people follow suit.
I walk off the stage as quietly and quickly as I can, I walk towards Y/N and as I walk past her I grab her wrist pulling her making her turn around and follow me. I find a place for us to be alone and talk.
I found a room that looked like no one was using at the moment. I shut the door and lock it so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I move closer and Y/N looks at me. “She’s so short and cute.” I thought to myself. I place my hands in my pockets when all of a sudden she comes closer to me and hugs me tightly, sliding her hands around my waist. I pull my hands out of my pockets and wrap my arms around her tightly resting my chin on her shoulder.
Y/N pulls away from my embrace and looks up at me. “Takuya, that man that dragged me away today. That was the man I was going to marry back in the past wasn’t it?” She looks at me with pleading eyes. I nod my head in confirmation.
“Is he a nice guy? I don’t feel comfortable around him at all.” She continues.
“He can be nice, but he can also be cruel. You don’t feel comfortable around him because you haven’t spent time with him.” I try my best to reassure her. I’m trying to be strong, and not develop feelings for her but it’s hard when she comes to me so willingly.
“That’s not it, I get this scary vibe from him, I’m very uncomfortable around him Takuya. Please I don’t want to ever marry this man, in this life or in the past.” Y/N cries into my chest, I pat her back softly trying to comfort her.
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uh no no no no no i am not i repeat not marrying a guy who sleeps with his secretary no no no no no i rather die i am not marrying someone who is not faithful no way no how and i swear i will chop off his balls if he comes near me idc if they tell me i "have" to marry him i rather die thank you very much