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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 4 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Jackson's POV Jackson was perfect at making it seem like he was adorably innocent in front of outsiders. He made them think he was well mannered and trust worthy but really he had a dark side. At a young age, he had learned never let anyone do anything for you that you could do for yourself. If you wanted a job done right do it yourself. He learned that to get what he wanted he had to be able to manipulate people. He had to talk smooth, he had to behave well. If every once in a while he needed to threaten someone then that was just something he had to do to get what he wanted. He learned how to be rough and that became his nature. He was spoiled and he never learned how to be caring or nurturing to a woman. His father kept him focused on the aspect of controlling everything and everyone around him so when he and Y/N met, when he saw this beautiful girl in a champagne glittering dress that complimented every curve of her body he wanted her. He needed to have her as his own. His mother, who spoiled him to no end, had revealed a deal his father made with her parents. She thought he'd get upset at his dad but he was amused. She was going to be his wife. They both were still pretty young, in their teen years, when the deal was made. She would become his wife when she became of age, she was still expected to have a hand in her families company affairs which he didn't care about at all, he was only interested in her. His biggest problem was that he didn't know how to be gentle which immediately put a bad taste in her mouth when it came to him. The night they met she had been unapproachable the entire evening and when he finally got her alone he was too aggressive. He kissed her without her permission and much too roughly. He touched her when she didn't want to be touched but in his mind she already belonged to him. He didn't see why he needed to ask to play with something that was already his. She had an amazing body, a beautiful face, she could play the piano and he loved when she spoke his native tongue to him and the rest of the Chinese guest that were there. She was a treasure and the best pick out of all the women in the room that desired his attention. The one thing he disliked about her was that she didn't want him. Never once did she seem to be interested in him. He had done things for her that other girls would've loved, he bought her jewelry, she didn't want it. Flowers, she didn't want it. He bought her expensive clothes, she didn't want them. He took her out to eat at fancy places and she was mostly silent and distant towards him. She was nineteen when they finally slept together and again he was much too rough with her. She was a virgin too. She cried and he didn't understand why but he held her until she stopped. Jackson was just too rough. The more she resisted him the more rough he became. He liked her a lot but she just wouldn't like him back. Her resisting him was kind of cute because it challenged him but it was also irritating. He'd get so angry at her for teasing him, walking around looking sexy and drawing attention to herself at parties and high class events. Allowing so many men to look at her beautiful figure in tight fitted dresses; they flirted with her and they'd touch her. God he hated it when they touched her, everytime they were in private he'd hit her for allowing them to do that. Was she stupid allowing someone else to touch her when she belonged to him? It always drove him nuts. She swore that she never encouraged it and that she was not interested in those men but again she also reminded him she didn't want him either. She should want him, she belonged to him, she was his. That was the contract, that was the deal and if she didn't want him why the hell did she agree to it? No, she just liked to fuck with his head. When he saw the scars on her stomach, when she said she was the one that put them there, he broke everything in sight. He broke the vases and wine bottles and glasses sitting out in his living room. "Do you think it's fucking okay to do shit like that?" he screamed at her. She wouldn't look at him but when he heard that smart ass scoff she did he wanted to throw her to the ground. "You've gotten me so used to physical pain I needed something a little more exciting." she said. Damn that pissed him off, he slammed her into the wall and grabbed her by the neck, seething. Too rough. He saw her look at him with hollow eyes, it was like she wasn't even there with him anymore. He kissed her and she reacted back, her body going through the motions, knowing exactly what to do but she wasn't there with him. Her mind was somewhere else, that was the first time he noticed it. It only pissed him off more making him move faster, harder. Rough. He was addicted to her but he didn't like to share. He didn't want her with anyone else and he also didn't want her doing stupid shit like cutting herself. He was irritated everytime that memory came back to him. How dare she do that to herself? No one liked their things damaged yet she went out of her way to hurt herself. More and more she closed herself off and she was getting harder and harder for him to control. She refused lunch dates with, she stood him up leaving him angry and humiliated. When they were living together, she locked herself up in the guest room and wouldn't say a word to him. She was moody as hell, some days refusing to get out of bed. When he forced himself inside her room and took her body, she would just keep silent and watch him, she didn't fight back or argue with him anymore. Her hands wouldn't move around him unless he told her to. She wouldn't call his name. No matter how much he asked her to, no matter how much force he used. She stopped saying the things he liked hearing from her in bed. She stopped obeying him because he was too fucking rough. Then he came home one day to find her stuff packed up and gone. When he talked to her parents, they said they had no idea where she went after she dropped off all her stuff at their place. She had disappeared, she made a deal with them for her to get her business degree and she could get her degree in photography once she finished her degrees she'd come back and marry Jackson. He didn't know why she wanted to get a degree in photography any way she wouldn't need it, it was useless. When he tried to get the name of the college she applied to her parents wouldn't say. They didn't know, they would send her money to pay for her college into her bank account and she'd pay for it that way. He tried to call her but she had blocked his damn number. Her mother told him they made the deal to make her happy. She had told them she wasn't happy she had told them she hated her life and she didn't want it anymore. "She wasn't happy with me?" he said pissed. Her mother just answered him short and simple, "No." They had no right to alter the deal anyway. She was meant to be with him. She wasn't just going leave him, she wasn't just going to disappear from the world. Jackson's mother convinced him to keep his cool and wait for her to come back and in the mean time change the way he was acting towards her. No one really knew what happened behind closed doors but his mother wasn't an idiot. She knew Y/N had run for a reason. It only pissed him off more when he saw her in the jewelers, he was looking for a gift for his mother. He was actually happy to see her. He had tried to be gentle with her but the look she gave him of pure discomfort rubbed him the wrong way. He was being nice to her, shouldn't she have liked that? He got pissed off when she introduced Junmyeon as her fiance and called him an old friend. Old friend his Chinese ass! What the Fuck was she even thinking getting engaged when she belonged to him? When she was promised to him. She was an idiot. He called her mother telling her he just saw her and that she was engaged to someone else. Her mother promised that she'd talk to her before getting off the phone. He had called his men to look into her life here, where she went to school, her relationships the past few years, where she lived, who Junmyeon was. He wanted everything there was to know about her. He saw her in that cute short dress and felt like pushing her into the wall. She was letting Junmyeon see her like that. She had her hair down in waves, she looked like a respectable woman. She was the woman that drove him crazy. All she had to do was unblock his number and she couldn't even do that. He had met up with her earlier today to get her to unblock it, even though he slammed her into the car he was careful to control himself enough not to slap her. She unblocked his number now everything would've been fine, he didn't have to do anything drastic except now she wasn't answering her phone. She was pissing him off. Thirteen times he called he. Thirteen. Thirteen fucking times her voicemail greeted his ear. He sent his men out to find her and bring her to him. He grabbed the lamp in his hotel room and threw it across the room and into the wall. He punched the mirror on the wall breaking it and cutting his hand. Why did she do this to him? Why wouldn't she just listen to him? Why was she doing stupid shit to him? Why did she keep running? He just didn't get it. Jackson was just too rough.... Junmyeon's POV Junmyeon thought that Y/N would've been back home by now. He thought about the scars on her stomach. He really wondered if she did that herself and if she did, why? She seemed perfectly normal and happy but anytime anyone brought up her past she closed up. Jongin said anytime they had sex she wasn't really there in the room with him. He didn't really understand what that meant until he had her himself. A few times she just wasn't there, she was just...lost. It was in her eyes, she was just gone. He had no idea how that happened or why, he'd never seen it before. He paid attention to little details. He was always paying attention to the small things she did. Like the way she held onto Chanyeol's arm when they walked together, they didn't lace their fingers together they cupped their hands together. When she laughed, she placed her other hand on his arm. They sometimes looked like a couple. When she was with Jongin, he noticed how she organized her silverware during dinner before she ate. If someone raised their hand to quickly by her she flinched like she was bracing herself for impact. She didn't like loud noises either, at least not the sound of things breaking like glass. He watched a movie one night and one of the actresses broke a vase on accident and she tensed up for a second then shook it off moments later. He noticed how she jumped when he called her name the night before. She was on edge for some reason. He gathered she didn't like having rough sex, something about it made her hollow out. He liked her a lot but he had no idea how to take it easy. He could be slow and teasing but eventually he just wanted to go full throttle. It took everything in him not to be mean to her because he wanted her to like the way it felt when he was in her. He wanted her to like him and want him as much as he wanted her....he wanted her. He fell asleep on the couch thinking about her calling his name, her voice sounded so good calling for him and the way she took control... He had a feeling that was something new for her but damn was she good, riding him into oblivion making him beg for her. He enjoyed it, he enjoyed her. He really did like her and he was glad his mother and father liked her too he just didn't know how he'd stage the break up for them. He wasn't really ready to be a husband no matter how much he liked her. Even if he did fall deeper and deeper for her, he wasn't ready for that life changing decision. She didn't seem to be ready for it either and as long as she hid her past from him he didn't think she would ever be ready. He woke up the next day and called for her, she had classes early so maybe she left early with Chanyeol. He didn't start to worry until he saw Chanyeol coming from classes alone. "Hey Chanyeol have you seen Y/N?" he asked. Chanyeol shook his head, "She didn't come to classes today I thought she wasn't feeling well." he said. "I wonder if something happened to her, she's not answering her phone and she didn't come home last night." "Home? So you two moved in together too. Then again, I guess that would help sell the idea of you two being engaged." "She told you?" Junmyeon asked. "She tells me everything, mostly. But there are a lot of things Y/N doesn't talk about. Are you two sleeping together?" "I thought she told you everything." Chanyeol shrugged and looked down the side walk, "She might have had she had the time to tell me." "What do you mean by that?" Junmyeon asked. Chanyeol turned back to him and looked around then stepped up to Junmyeon. He spoke lower, "Yesterday we were walking home when some guy asked to speak with her." "What guy?" He already had a sinking feeling he knew who it was though. Chanyeol shrugged and said, "I think he said he name was Jackson, he was definitely a foreigner. She seemed to know him but she also looked uncomfortable around him. I think she saw the gun his guards had with him. I didn't want to leave her with him but she asked me to. I think she was more scared of what he'd do to me than her if I stayed by her." "He better not have touched her." Junmyeon shook his head furious already. This guy kept showing up and she kept getting uncomfortable around him. Didn't he see she didn't want to be near him? Maybe he was to dense to see it or maybe he just didn't give a shit. The way he ignored her blatant discomfort made him upset and made him see past his little act too. Jackson was dangerous. Chanyeol sighed bringing him out of his thoughts. "I'm sure she's fine though, she has this habit of disappearing when she's stressed." "What do you mean, where does she go?" Junmyeon asked. "I don't know, that she won't tell me. She always comes back with new photos though. Her past ones have been really good. She takes photos to relax her, it helps take her mind off the bad things. Just give her a few more days I'm sure she'll turn up." Come to think of it, Jongin got freaked out a few times when she disappeared while they were dating but Junmyeon just thought they had a fight and she stopped talking to him. She really just made it seem like she dropped off the face of the planet. Even though Chanyeol was so calm about it, he couldn't help but stay worried. If she was stressed about something and needed to get away he wondered if it had anything to do with Jackson showing up around her. When did she even leave though, after classes right? Not to mention they had a dinner date coming up with his parents and in two days Y/N was expected to meet his mother to go shopping. He wasn't too worried about that but obviously something made her upset enough to make her leave and forget about those two events. "Look go home and check her room, if her camera is gone then she went to take pictures and she'll be back. If it's there then you can worry."Chanyeol said. "Chanyeol do you know about her tattoo?" "The one with the koi on her stomach? Yeah why?" "Do you know why she got it?" Junmyeon asked. Chanyeol turned to Junmyeon, "You really care about her don't you?" Junmyeon sighed and nodded. Chanyeol chuckled, "I guess she just does that to people." "Why did she get the tattoo?" he asked. "Well I'm guessing you two have slept together otherwise you wouldn't be asking about it. You felt the scars right?" Junmyeon nodded. He was already aware that Y/N and Chanyeol had brief flings when she was single. He was more of a club buddy than anything else. She liked him but they weren't really in love. She said they only really did oral stuff, they very rarely had sex and if they did they were always drunk and they just did it because they had a shitty day or they were blowing off some steam. They had a very...odd friendship. Junmyeon didn't like it but they weren't together in reality he couldn't very well ask her to stop seeing her best friend. Not to mention, she said she had cut him off because of the deal they made. Junmyeon had ended all his other flings as well but Chanyeol and Y/N's flings were very hush hush no one really knew about it even if they looked like a couple when they walked around together everyone knew they were just friends. "She suffered from depression sometime ago, before she came here. She said a lot of things were going on in her life but she never elaborates when it comes to her past." "Yeah I know." Junmyeon said. "She used to cut herself right in that same spot." "Don't people usually cut their wrists?" "Honestly, I think they can cut anyway where they damn well please, doesn't make them any more or less of a cutter. She chose that area because no one really saw her stomach- except lovers... I guess. Anyway, she said when she was trying to recover from her depression she got the tattoo to cover up the scars as a way to kind of pave over that past and move on. There's a tale about the koi fish that says a a bunch of koi tried to swim up stream but were unsuccessful because they weren't strong enough but one koi fish made it up the stream and beat the currents. So a god granted the koi fish the ability to become a golden dragon. The Yang sign on the fish's head and the Yin sign in the lotus flower means she's searching for balance but her memories keep her from achieving it. She had the fish swimming down instead of up to show how she viewed herself." Junmyeon looked at him wondering what he meant. "Not strong enough to beat the current." Chanyeol clarified. Junmyeon felt a tightness in his chest, why was she like this? He wanted to know what happened, what made her so depressed? What made her leave? What did Jackson do that made her uncomfortable around him? Her entire background was a mystery and even if Chanyeol knew personal stuff about her, even he didn't know about her past. He had no idea who Y/N was. He wondered if the smile she wore was faked. He wondered if she still felt this way. Unable to beat the current. "Y/N hides a lot of herself, I think it has more to do with not wanting to go back to those times so she doesn't talk about it. I think that's what causes her to leave for a few days though. I think because she won't talk about anything from back then she keeps suffering. I think she's lonely and lacks the ability to completely trust and give herself to someone. She loved Jongin, she really did but she closed up even more when he cheated. All she really knows is that her happiness is temporary and her depression is forever. She's fighting Junmyeon, she's fighting with every ounce of strength she has left but as long as people keep screwing her over she's never going to trust anyone completely, not you, not me, not anyone. She'll only keep going back to it." "Does she see anyone that helps her through it?" "I'm sure she did before but as far I know right now, no." Chanyeol answered. This was good, it was a start. He could figure out how to get her to open up to him a little more. First he had to figure out whether or not she had left or if something happened to her. His worry didn't ease. "Junmyeon, don't hurt her. This whole relationship between you two, getting close to her only to pull away when the deal is over won't make it any better. If you hurt I won't forgive you." he said before walking away. He appreciated that he cared enough to say it but Junmyeon had no intention of hurting her. His phone rang and he saw that his father was calling him up. What was he going to do if she didn't come back for dinner either? Y/N's POV You were laying down on the cold concrete floor of your beach house. This room had the concrete floor so you could paint and take pictures, it led out to the back where the beach was. The past two days you walked along the beach taking pictures, you got some really great ones too. You were staring at the ceiling just enjoying the cool feeling of it on your back. You were alone, completely alone but you felt paranoid that at any minute Jackson would walk through the door and that annoyed you. What were you going to do about this? You had to go back tomorrow, you hadn't figured out anything. You didn't want to go back to him but you knew better. Jackson always got what he wanted. Something was bound to happen, he'd threaten Junmyeon or Chanyeol. He'd tell you to leave Uni. He'd tell you photography was a stupid hobby and all you needed to do was give into him. All you need to do was be his. The sound of his voice rang in your head and you wanted to get it out. "Junmyeon." you whispered. You didn't know why but you kind of missed him. He had a great smile, his abs were amazing but you liked that he was different. Different from everyone else, even Chanyeol. You wondered why he always asked about Jongin though. Why was he always asking if you did certain things with Jongin: if you told him something personal or if you called his name the same way you called Junmyeon's during sex. Honestly you were starting to lose control of yourself, you were afraid of slipping into that phase again though. If you had been taught anything by life it's that no matter how many beautiful moments you caught through your viewfinder there was always a darkside to the world. Your world had made you nothing but a toy for people to use. You were your parents business bargaining chip, you were Jackson's toy, you were Jongin's past time, you were Chanyeol's stress reliever and you were Junmyeon's cover. You belonged to everyone but yourself. You didn't even know who you were. You were just being picked apart and pulled in different directions. "You belong to me." Jackson's voice echoed in your head like he was in the room with you. "I'm not yours." you said. "If you didn't want to belong to me bugs you shouldn't have agreed to the contract. You made a deal with the devil." "I know that! I didn't have a choice you asshole!" you yelled at nothing. You sighed frustrated, you were arguing with yourself. You closed your eyes and wanted him to leave. Your memories began to slip towards Junmyeon. His voice calling you baby girl, his teeth nipping at your ear and lips. His hands searching around your body, your hands moved around your body feeling the same places he felt in your memories. Your hand stopping at the koi fish and running over your scars. He felt them, you knew he did, everyone you slept with felt them but he was the first to really take special attention to them. His lips touched them, his tongue traced over them, his hands became familiar with them. "Junmyeon."You whispered his name You were beckoning more of the memories you had with him to keep you sane. "Baby girl, say my name." his voice rang in your ear. Even if you were laying down it was like he was right behind you whispering in your ear. "Why do I want you?" you asked the air. "Because I make you feel alive." your subconscious answered as him. "Oh really, then why do I feel half dead?" you spoke out loud. You turned on your side, your eyes were still closed but you could picture the room you were in with him leaned up against the wall, his long sleeved turtle neck on and his hair fluffy, his bangs sitting high with volume. His hands in his pockets as he looked outside at the scenery before him. He smiled at the sight outside and answered you, "But half of you feels alive, which is twice as much as it was before. You keep searching for someone to save you. I think you know I would. I think you know deep down I want to know your secrets so I can make you happy. I think that scares you. Especially since Jackson has shown up, he's probably the reason why you want to get closer to me." Your dream version of Junmyeon looked at you. "You're scared to get too close to anyone because you don't think you're strong enough to handle it." "Handle what?" you asked. "Handle the fact that if you get close you might actually fall in love with me. If you fall in love with me then you'll just be another person's toy." "You're not Jackson." you said. "Then call me baby girl." Your eyes opened and you were alone. You sat up with a sigh raking your hands through your hair. You let a car run over your phone, you needed a new one. You got up pulling down your shorts a bit so it looked like you had something on under your large t-shirt. You didn't know where the nearest phone store was on Gyeongpo. You slipped on your flip-flops and brought your bag with you. You got some odd looks when walking, probably because the shirt you were wearing was large and made it look like that was all you were wearing. You twisted the shirt to the side and tied it so that your shorts were showing. People needed to calm down it's not like you were naked. You were able to finally get some help and bought a new phone. You programmed a few numbers your remembered in it purposely leaving Jackson's number out. You got a new number in the process too. You just weren't going to deal with your mother or father texting you or calling you. She was probably still upset at you for getting engaged to another man. You cared less about them and more about Jackson. Now that he knew where you were he was going to keep a close eye on you. He was probably in Busan for business so he wouldn't stay long but you could bet your ass that he was going to have someone watching you. When you got back, you packed your stuff up and looked for a last minute flight back to Busan. Almost six hours on a plane was exhausting but you got the late flight so you could arrive in the morning. You were so upset at Jackson, you forgot about your outing with Junmyeon's mother. He was probably upset at you too. You were starting to think you shouldn't go back but you couldn't just leave him high and dry for dinner as well. Your only hope was that he'd forgive you when you showed up. You could come up with a good enough lie to appease his parents. You just didn't feel like spilling your guts out for Junmyeon. No that wasn't true, you just didn't want him to know you had this side to you. He noticed a lot about you, you could tell. It was why he tried to get you more involved when he had sex with you. He could see in your eyes how you just faded out. Like you were a different person, he could see that you got hollow and that's why you were quiet. It was just anytime you thought about calling out a name in pleasure or moaning you were reminded of how Jackson just always touched you and forced you to scream for him without any regard to how you felt. He was disconnected with reality, he liked to use people like play things and that's how he was with you. He was too rough, he didn't know how to be gentle, he didn't know how to calm down. He didn't know how let go of his control. Letting go for him meant losing, it meant being weak. Jackson would die before he let anyone think that about him... Once your plane touched down in Busan you called Chanyeol and asked him to pick you up from the airport. He was groggy and sleepy but you didn't feel like calling Junmyeon. If you were going to get screamed at you would've preferred it be later on in the day. Chanyeol showed up helping you with your single bag and drove you home. He asked you about any pictures you took and you showed him a few when you guys stopped at a stop light. He always liked seeing the pictures you took. He told you he almost didn't answer your call because he didn't recognize the number. You had to tell him your phone got ran over so you had to buy a new one. "Why not get the same number though?" he asked. "Too many people have my old number I need something new." you said. "Ahh." he said like he figured something out. "What?" you mused. "Nothing, anyway you're going to have some work to catch up on work at Uni you know that right?" "Yeah but I took my laptop with me so the reports I needed to turn in later on tomorrow are already done. Aside from notes I should be fine." He just nodded. When he pulled up to your place, you thanked him. He watched you walk up the stairs to your place and then waved before he drove back to his place. It was probably ten in the morning now and Busan was waking up. You didn't need the hall light on, enough of the morning sunlight was shinning in the windows for you to see. You placed your keys down and took off your shoes walking further into the apartment. When you came to the living room, you saw Junmyeon sitting up with messy hair like he had just woken up. He looked at you with wide eyes, "Why are you sleeping on the couch?"you asked. You turned to head for your room while you waited for a response. Junmyeon caught your wrist and pulled you into him hugging you. He backed you into the wall behind you. You held onto him feeling his chest rise and fall. Your body welcoming his warm hands wrapping around you. His lips were lightly pressed against your forehead. "Why would you think it's okay to do that?" he said against your hair. "Sorry I just forgot about the shopping-" "That's not what I'm talking about. I told her you weren't feeling well and that you'd see her for dinner. Why would you just disappear without saying anything to me? Do you know how worried I was about you?" he said. Worried? He was worried about you? Why? Did anyone ever really worry about you? He pulled away from you slightly and caught your lips in a gentle kiss. Gentle. Junmyeon was gentle, he wasn't like anyone else. You remembered what your dream version of him said to you. When you told him he wasn't Jackson, he told you to call him. Jackson would inevitably take your happiness from you because like it or not you were bound to him by your contract but for the next six months you were contracted to Junmyeon. You didn't know if you wanted to let yourself be happy for a short amount of time only to know you'd be miserable for a second time but you found your hands moving on their own. You gripped his shirt just slightly below his collar. Junmyeon was gorgeous, he could've been a model if he wanted to. "Junmyeon why do you even care?" you asked. "Because you're my baby girl and.... I like you." "You like me?" "Maybe that was why I chose you. I want you to like me too baby girl." he said leaning against you. You held onto his shirt as he pushed into you, his thigh parting your legs and his hand resting by your head on the wall behind you. "I don't want this to be just you and me fucking each other. I want you to trust me enough to tell me when you're scared. Tell me when you feel like the world is against you and I'll fight beside you baby girl. I want you to tell me about your past, and about your scars. I want to know why he keeps following you. I swear baby girl all you have to do is tell me he hurt you and I'll make him pay." "Junmyeon." "I'm not ready to get married and I'm sure you're not ready for that either but I want you baby. I want you in more then one way, I don't just want this body, I want your voice." "Junmyeon." "I want your heart. I don't know how you made me this way but you've got me addicted. It scares me to think that you're dealing with some kind of hell by yourself and you won't let me help you." "Junmyeon." you said crying. He cupped your face and pressed his forehead against yours. "Why is my baby girl crying?" he asked. You didn't know why either but your eyes were flowing, your heart was aching. Even Jongin hadn't said things like this to you. What was Junmyeon doing to you? You wrapped your arm around his neck and pulled him down to kiss you. You tugged at his shirt and when his teeth bit your bottom lip you released a moan. You stopped the kiss to look at him surprised by your own actions. He didn't miss your moan either. He heard your voice loud and clear and he looked at you just as stunned. He smiled, "You did it on your own. That's my baby girl, do you like daddy Junnie?" You looked at him unsure. Did you like him? He wasn't the same as anyone else. Even when you started out with Jongin you were cautious but with Junmyeon you wanted to dive in head first and get lost. Your subconscious was revealing itself to you the day before you. You wanted Junmyeon, you just weren't sure it was the right thing to do. You weren't sure if you should trust him but he was the only one to ever say he wanted to know everything about you. He was the only one to get this worked up when you disappeared. The way he hugged you, the way he was so gentle to you. Even though when you two had sex he couldn't help but get rough sometimes, he apologized. He tried to make you feel good. He focused on your pleasure he didn't try to force you to do anything, he didn't try to control you or dismiss your discomfort. He was never like that even when you were dating Jongin. "Do you want me baby girl?" he whispered seductively. "Yes daddy." you whispered against his lips. "Will you let me punish you for running away baby girl?" "Yes daddy." "That voice is going to drive me insane, I want to keep hearing it. Will you let me hear you baby girl?" "Yes Junnie." your voice giving away how turned on you were. "You're beautiful when you get flustered like that."he chuckled. He lifted you up and walked into your bedroom. He gently laid you down on the bed lifting your shirt up. "I won't be too rough okay. If it's too much tell me to stop." he told you. You nodded and he smiled at you then kissed you softly. Did you really like Junmyeon?.........
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yes i do like him. i was so trying to like him. but he became a bias wrecker and now he is on my bias list.
but damn u Jackson. its all ur fault.
β€’"If someone raised their hand to quickly by her she flinched like she was bracing herself for impact. She didn't like loud noises either…" β€’"All she really knows is that her happiness is temporary and her depression is forever." β€’"she's fighting with every ounce of strength she has left but as long as people keep screwing her over she's never going to trust anyone completely" β€’"If you had been taught anything by life it's that no matter how many beautiful moments you caught through your viewfinder there was always a darkside to the world. Your world had made you nothing but a toy for people to use." β€’"You're scared to get too close to anyone because you don't think you're strong enough to handle it." β€’"You didn't know if you wanted to let yourself be happy for a short amount of time only to know you'd be miserable for a second…" Is it sad how well I know what this is like?? πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
@AlexisRiver not at all this story is closer to me because I have felt most of the things this female lead has.
damn this fanfic gives me Butterflys?? lol I'm in love 😍 I think this is the best fanfic I have ever read forreal. Damn you Junmyeon πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
that's a huge compliment thank you 😁😁😁😁😁