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EXO's Lay Promises Legal Action If Sasaengs Invade His Privacy Again
Why is it so hard to respect an idol's personal space? It's understandable that you stan them and all, but there is NO NEED for you to go crazy and invade an idol's privacy! If you were really a fan, you'd leave them alone and not try to chase him or whatever the hell you want to do!! The saesang fans are just too much these days....... If you see a celebrity out in public, especially if one is filming or whatever, GAIN SOME SELF CONTROL! I hope these girls learned their lessons. You would break down in tears if your favorite idols took legal action against you, wouldn't you?! I know I would!!!! If you LOVE them, also show them RESPECT! Rant over..... I'm sorry guys but after reading this article, I wanted to say something about it. Stuff like this just makes me angry.
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I hate sasaengs, they ruin the image of the fans a lot
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There will always be some people who push things too far and ruin it for everyone. πŸ˜•
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I feel you I think all idols should carry some type of weapon of defense because of these things
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Good! I hope he does. They all should be doing this. No matter how small an incident might be. Idols need to put their foot down with fans.
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damn, seriously? why is it so hard for these crazy fans to understand that it's not ok for them to keep doing all these shit?
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