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Hope you enjoy Part 7 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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Jin and Namjoon had just woken up from a nap. Yoongi was still napping with Jimin, while the other members were cooking. Jin walked to the dining table and sat down. Namjoon went to take a shower before eating. Jin wasn't that hungry as he usually was. Hoseok looked at him and asked, "you sick?" Jin looked up at Hoseok, "I don't think so I just think I'm still tired." Taehyung said, "Hyung you should nap for a bit longer then." Jin shook his head, "I'm okay I swear just a little dazed that's all." Jungkook handed Jin a glass of water, "maybe you're just dehydrated." Namjoon stepped out of the shower and overheard the other members' concerns for Jin. Namjoon got dressed and walked over to the dining table. Namjoon looked at Jin and asked, "Jin go take a bath maybe it'll relax you." Jin laughed a bit, "I already told you all I'm fine." The members would not stop worrying. Yoongi stepped out of the room and sighed as he walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Jimin walked out of Yoongi's room. All the members, except Yoongi and Jimin were confused. Jimin looked at everyone except Yoongi, "why the confused faces?" Yoongi sat down at the table and ate the food Jungkook and Hoseok prepared. Jimin laughed, "I'm serious why are you all so confused and shocked?" Yoongi slammed his cup on the table, "hey don't look at Jimin like that." Namjoon chuckled a bit, "anyways Jin are you sure you're ok?" Jin hugged Namjoon, "I'm fine Namjoon I promise."
Later Namjoon had gone out to go grocery shopping. Hoseok had gone with him. Yoongi and Jimin were talking to each other. Jungkook and Taehyung were laying down while telling jokes to each other or talking about the hyungs. Jin was in his room laying on the bed, he felt dizzy. Jin sighed, "Maybe I'm sick again." Jin got up to go shower. He felt even more dizzy as he got up. He stumbled a bit, like a drunk person would. His mind was in a daze. His thoughts lingering out of control. He fell back onto the bed. His eyelids felt heavy. An hour later Namjoon and Hoseok got home. Yoongi had immediately started cooking while Namjoon went into the room. Namjoon saw Jin sleeping on the bed. Namjoon laid down and kissed Jin. "So you were sleepy," Namjoon said in a soft voice so he wouldn't wake Jin. A few hours later, the food was set and ready. Jin had finished showering after he woke up. All the members sat down. They began to eat and talk to each other as usual. Namjoon looked at Jin and smiled. Jin smiled back at Namjoon. Later that night Namjoon and Jin were in bed together. The sky was clear outside full of stars. Jin looked at Namjoon with that cute face he'd make, "I love you Namjoon." Namjoon smiled and kissed Jin, "I love you too Jin."

Hope you enjoyed Part 7 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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