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First, I would gladly like to talk about sexy Suho here! oh my jesus! help me because this man is ruining my life lol. And Pink haired Suho?? *dies. He looks so bad ass, I love it! He is a mega bias wrecker ㅠㅠ

Um Oh Sehun.. Stay In Your Fucking Lane Please !!! My God this was HOT!

Chenie Chen Chen! He looks so handsome and classy here! He's a baddie xD

Hot damn! Baekhyun looks so sexy here!

omg... definitely Lay, that man is something else

They look very sexy

LOL ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he looks creepy

D.O looks cute here, Lay looks hot, Suho looks like he's so into it lol

Okay I laughed at this part lol because it looked funny! but it was cool though!

I know everybody died so many times after watching the Lotto MV lol

My Awesome Vingle Fam ♡

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on youtube the were calling him daddy suho
a year ago·Reply
He is daddy Suho😍💕👅
a year ago
I've been struggling with Suho lately. he's so handsome, but d.o is my ultimate bias. so I'm like "what do I do with you?!" He's so sexy omg
a year ago·Reply
I love them haahas i love the cutte funny easy moves they came up with for LOTTO and LUCKY ONE <3 <3 lols
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