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I don't know why but to me being an ARMY for 3 years hurts sometimes. As an ARMY that's been with BTS for 3 years hurts because the fandom just slowly brings me away from the group. I love BTS a lot but after a while being in the fandom just makes it tiring. Majority of the ARMYs are new and when talking about a serious topic that's happened to BTS most ARMYs I've talked to will push it off to the side and say something as if "Well why should we support in Bantan in everything they do if we really love them?" In my opinion, if you really love Bangtan you'd support them instead of go against them and do some stupid trend like #cutforkookie or telling a member to leave. If you don't want to support BTS in their relationship statuses or if they were to leave or break up the group then they wouldn't be living the life they truly want to. Being in a life where people don't support you is pretty sad but as you make it happen you know you'll show those people that didn't support or believe you. If BTS wants to make something happen support them and you know it'll happen. It's the reason why BTS had gotten so big. The supporters they grew throughout the HYYH series was a surprise but I'm happy they made it this far. This is the group I want to grow up loving. If there are ARMYs that have a problem with the way BTS works out their things, why do you still love/support/etc. them. They are human and they don't need to be treated as if us ARMYs are in charge of their daily lives.
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preach it man!!
Honestly, I'm a new ARMY and I respect BTS all the way. I'm not just saying this because of this card, but I'm actually doing it. Everyone in Bangtan are humans too. They're just like us, with only popularity (and maybe talent) making us different. They'll all have to make their own decisions, and us being their fans have to understand and respect that. They also will eventually fall in love, and we have to remember that. We also have to make sure to respect and love BTS as a whole without leaving anyone out, just like what Tae said. No member deserves to be left out, because without one member, BTS wouldn't be the same. Now when the time comes that they leave or disband, that doesn't mean we should hate on them or anything. We should respect them. I know it's a bit too early to talk about this, and it honestly is painful to think about this, but one day this moment may come. We should just be grateful towards them for all the great memories we had because of them. Old or new ARMY, we should always keep all of this in mind. Now, if you can't love and respect all of them and their decisions, you can't call yourself a proud ARMY. (This also applies to other groups. Please love and respect them. Thank you for letting me voice out my opinions.)
I agree with this 100% to be honest. It's a better way of putting it. I believe that BTS (Pretty much any other Kpop group) works really hard for us and there are still fans that decide to not respect a certain member and leave them out specifically no matter how hard they've worked to get where they are today. Old or new ARMYs should always keep this in mind that they are human and they need to live the life they want. Let them drink beer, let them fall in love, let them take risks but don't freak out as if they are someone that's your baby that you need to keep watch on 24/7. As time flies let's just make this fandom a good one and have fun until the end. It's true that if you can't love and respect all of them and their decisions you can't call yourself a proud ARMY because they've all worked really hard in the past to do these performances and be known internationally.
I've been an ARMY for a year. I don't understand those people who want to kick out members or who don't support BTS no matter what. They aren't perfect because they are human and I love them because of that.
Amen !!!!!
that exactly what I was trying to say you rant on girl get em