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It really would depend on WHY he doesn't want me to hang with Yoongie. I mean if it is trust issue than we need to talk to see why he isn't trusting me and how we can fix this problem. If it is because I'm paying too much attention to my friend than my boyfriend then I would stop seeing Yoongie for a while until a got in a respectable routine with Namjoon and then bring friends back in to our "relationship zone"
I'd be upset with Namjoon because it seems like he doesn't trust me enough to even be in a relationship with me.
I would tell namjoon that if he doesn't trust me around my friends then I won't want to be with him.
I would be confused and even though I love Namjoon I won't stop being friends with my best friend.
Honestly, I wouldn't stop hanging out with my best friend. Firstly because I won't give up my friendship for a relationship, to me friends are way more important, and he can't choose who I bac one friends with, so he'll have to understand and deal with it if not then there's no relationship 🙌🏻
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