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Ah yis. Hello there. I am Abigaille(weird spelling I know, I blame my mom for that :p). You can call me Abby or Annie(a nickname for part of my middle name)! I like to be very open about who I am and what I like. Just so you could know me a little bit better.
I am currently 15. (As of August 19th of this year!!!) I don't have my learner's permit yet because I'm in marching band and I have rehearsals every day of the week minus Wednesday and the performance day of Friday(football games) but I'm working on getting it as soon as possible!! I play flute and piccolo for my marching season and I am proud to say I am in the top band in my high school. I am learning trumpet for jazz band. (don't worry, I made it into jazz band on trumpet and flute) (I am currently a sophomore in high school)
I really like food. I'm a foodie and I just really like to eat. ^~^ Food is good and sometimes I like to make faces on my burgers. They're really cute. XD
I have been told I have an "eye for photography", which is a really good thing for me because I absolutely LOVE to take pictures of the most beautiful things I can find. Whether it be idols or just nature, I love to take photos wherever I go.
I like to write. It's something that helps me channel my creativity. I am a very creative person. I work better with music and I score higher on English exams and on creative assignments. I have an ever expanding imagination of endless ideas. Oh yeah, I took a digital design class last year and I'm photoshop certified. I made all of these photos in this block. The covers were for some of my books on Wattpad. (That "King, More Like Queen" design I had made into a shirt for me to wear. It looks pretty fucking cool) (On the last photo, I actually made that poster myself. It looks amazing on my wall)
I really like video games and such. I also like to read, a bunch. I can read two Harry Potter books in about a day's time(with enough alone time I can). (I'm too lazy to show photos of my video games but I have most of the Pokemon games[after Ruby and Sapphire but I do have those two], Assassin's Creed games, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and Minecraft) I really like the American artists of Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and Troye Sivan. KPOP wise, I am more familiar with EXO and BTS but I do like some songs of 24K, NCET 27, and GOT7.
Enough about me! This is just some of the things that make me...well, me! Now, back to your regularly scheduled scrolling!
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Nice to "meet" you
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Nice to meet you!
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