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Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt. The New Testament has a great deal to say about speech. Jesus spoke of men’s words – idle words which have to be accounted for in the judgement, contemptuous words which bring upon him who uses them severe condemnation, words which test life – by which one is either justified or condemned. Paul, too, refers to speech. Here we have a very suggestive exhortation on the subject. Our speech should always be with grace. Grace means fitting, beautiful. We should learn to speak so that our tones of voice and our manner of speech shall be winning and attractive. Grace means also something under divine influence. We should speak words permeated with love and inspired by The Holy Spirit. Jenny Lind said she always sang with God. A Christian should always speak to God, to please Him. Our speech should be “seasoned with salt.” Salt purifies. Our words should be pure and cleansing – loving, gentle, helpful, inspiring.