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FINALLY! I am back in the UK and the first thing i did was go to town and get me some MANGA! :3 Im in love with the Blood Lad series and i cant wait to read them all! :3
Blood lad is awesome!
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I know! And the way that one needed makes you expect another season :/ now I feel like rewatching lol
blood lad ROCKS!
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hell yh i am xD again i watched wholevof on piece on under a month after my exam season😂😂😂 for my bday my bf got me the 1st box set of the manga too which again ive now finidhed but WAS FUCKIN AWESOME!! and grab the tissues coz my god that endin made me ball my eyes out😂 not quite fairy tail levels of ending but close @MoisEsGaray
Im on volume 3 of blood lad love it.