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@kpopandkimchi I read something and they are suspecting N is gay!is he? I don't want him to be we are fated together each test I take I get N we are fated together!
unless he comes out I don't think it is my business. He could be or he could just be very feminine. either way it is his business.
Whether he is gay or not it isn't any of our business. He's my ultimate bias and yes I love him but we should support him whether he is or not. I'm sorry but I feel it's a little insulting of you to continue this rumor. You are only spreading stuff. If he happens to be gay then we shall only talk about it if it comes from his mouth.
cant~ tell~ if~ you're~ trolling~
N can be whatever he wants if he is happy that way then its his business, not ours. as long as he's happy it shouldnt matter who he likes
@mrshansanghyuk don't worry as much as I love him I'm already deep in love with him even though I'm younger than him but if he was gay I'm happy for him his happiness is all I ask for
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