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Inspired by @PiuPiuPENGUIN 's fact in her card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/170821-40-facts-you-might-not-not-know-about-Pokemon-5-1 This is the fact: "5. It’s rumored that the music in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town prompted young people around the world to become suicidal." The original BGM, which was changed thereafter, had a certain frequency that only children and young teenagers could hear and caused them to be depressed or have headaches. There are several different versions available on YouTube all claiming to be the original, but I put this one up because this one actually gave me a headache. In particular at around 4:50, I think there's a good reason why the developers changed this. The suicide part is probably just a big rumor, but why don't you guys listen and judge for yourselves? (Disclaimer: I'm not liable for any damages caused from listening to this!) http://ds.about.com/od/glossary/g/Lavender-Town-Syndrome.htm
@GumanDiaz hmm I've heard other versions...they had the same melody line but they took out the really annoying buzz sound in the low and high registers. Did your game still have them?
Did they change it though? I remember this being the actual song on my cartridge :o
or a random call from no one
@minjaeturtles I think it was the black and white colors of the video, but I expected something to crawl out of my phone.
@BlackMage haha really? the low and high frequencies were really uncomfortable for me
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