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They're the same thing *sigh*
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I kinda hate when people expect me to know the translated title in Japanese, when english is my first language and when I heard about it people were calling it Attack on titan. Like what do you want from me to know everything there is to know about anime!? lol 馃槀
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Oh Lord!! Almost every day! They even tell me that I need to know Japanes more often, 24/7. Is like @Sharia said; My first language is English, Im not a pro anime "know it all" I just love watching it.
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Lol I thought the Japanese translation of attack on titan was a different anime and I agree with both @MimmiBumble01 and @Sharia like I love anime but I don't speak it!
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I don't always know the Japanese title, but this was still funny...
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i sometimes dont know the other name for an anime
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