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Katy Perry and Rihanna had dinner with a group of pals on Monday at The Lion, a fitting restaurant to celebrate at since Perry spent the day promoting her new single "Roar." "She. X She. ?#KatyAnna?#RIHunited," RiRi, 25, tweeted I didn't even know they're close friends!! XD
Me neither. They definitely do look like two people who are very comfortable with one another.
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I heard that they're pretty close, i'm not sure if it's for real tho
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@YinofYang @blairwitme they're pretty close.. it's on Riri's instagram.. I think it's genuine and it's cute! XD
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@shoenami well, it's a little difficult to believe! lol you know how it works with celebs!
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@blairiwtme agreed!.. But it;s good to believe infriendships a little.. they're still humans after all XD
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