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These are so cute!
DATING JIHOON Dating him would include visiting him working, nervous dates, apprehensive touches, wordless days in, discussions about what’s bothering him, quick food dates, and learning about his world of music 
DATING JUNHUI Dating him would include constant flirting, aimless walks, snacking together late at night, playful teasing and shy compliments, and dancing together in the least expected places
DATING JISOO Dating him would include guitar serenades, gentlemanly gestures, surprise flowers, quiet days together in bed, being close with his parents, watching shows together, fancy dinner dates, and wearing his jackets
DATING JEONGHAN Dating him would include spending all day in bed, taking candid photos of each other, gifting clothing, daydreaming about traveling, hands through hair, and making each other meals
DATING SEUNGCHEOL Dating him would include having a reliable source of comfort, random texts of encouragement, kind gifts, day trips to your favorite places, and romantic dinners 
DATING CHAN Dating him would include never ending exciting dates, pranks, awkward yet cute touches, laughing until you can’t anymore, acting like kids together, shy pecks on the lips, and blushing
DATING HANSOL Dating him would include lame jokes, hesitant private affection, hearing his music before anyone else, frequent lazy days, shy compliments, and receiving a mix tape as a gift
DATING SEUNGKWAN Dating him would include him never leaving your side, fake fighting that turns into kisses, waking up to his singing, falling asleep to his singing, crying over movies together, silly accidents that turn into stories to tell, and sharing everything
DATING MINGHAO Dating him would include sweet forehead kisses, cheesy dates, him cuddled on your shoulder, learning fun dance moves together, sharing everything, seemingly small, cute gifts, sleepovers, and nonstop laughing at trivial things
DATING MINGYU Dating him would include greeting dogs on walks, optimistic encouragement, him reaching things you need on the top shelf, holding hands everywhere you go, having a collection of his clothes, and piggyback rides when you’re tired of walking
DATING SEOKMIN Dating him would include harmless jokes, sensitive discussions about what’s bothering you, sweet texts throughout the day, wearing things he thought he lost, karaoke dates, and cheering up when you need it the most
DATING WONWOO Dating him would include nights in, soft music always playing, discussions about everything and anything, book recommendations, cooking, sleepy compliments, and simple sweet talk
DATING SOONYOUNG Dating him would include endless energy, clumsy flirting and shy touches, gifts when you least expect them, ugly selfies and cute candids taken, rapid kisses on the cheek, and dancing to music in stores


this is super cute, thou Minghao, Jeonghan, Seungchul, and Junhui's appeal to me the most.
this is so cute😆
This is pretty cool! I really liked it. Haha shows the different personalities