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Shipping Sunday When The whole group can be shipped

Maknae line are to cute

Trying to keep it on the fam I see

hyung why you so cute and small

MY OTP 鉂わ笍

These dorks I love their sweetness.. its always the rappers

Honestly thought Hoon was taller than Maknae

daddy leader carrying his son down

This looks so comfortable.. Im jealous

I just can't deal with them

I swear Jinwoo is the hoe in the group LMAO

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OMG THAT'S SO ADORABLE 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋
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these pairs are hard to chose from because they are all cute and funny 馃槈
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I ship but I don't ship BUT I SHIP!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND LIFE!!
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I'm so done with these whoring mathyungs, Jinwoo, Jinwhan,Shownu, the list is endless, I can't choose an otp between Namsung n 2Seung, they both leave me with arrhythmia, *squeezing my chest*...
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@PrettieeEmm funny how Taeyhun is most comfortable with skinship from Mino than any other member, hmn my otp extra senses are tingling
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yess girl this why they're my otp.. plus Tae gets jealous if Mino has skinship with any other member @LinnyOk
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