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I think that Ace, Shanks, and Zoro, all gave the same amount just in different ways. Shanks is the reason Luffy is a pirate and has had these adventures, Zoro has helped him grow as a captain and helped him be the best captain he can be staying by his side and risking it all for him, Ace was a wonderful big brother who protected Luffy and more. I think they all have contributed a lot to who Luffy is and who he'll become.
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My thoughts exactly well said m8 well said indeed
I believe shanks shanks lost his arm just to protect luffy and he inspired him especially with the straw hat he gave him
I don't watch one piece so imma say it was the guy that got fisted
they all took one for the team much respect to all 4 but im going with zoro
without Shanks puffy would have never left to become the pirate king so I'm gonna say shanks
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