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one skilled Oppa he is.. to all those youngins
a year ago·Reply
Iam actually concerned..he shouldn't be doing these moves after he hurt his back.. he needs to be careful..when I saw these on.IG I was thinking about it..he needs to be careful just in case..I missed him too much last time..
a year ago·Reply
omg im so happy i wasnt the only one! the whole time i watched it i was just like "for the love of goodness JB do not hurt your back more!" I missed him too... im pretty sure i cried.. 😣 im positive I cried...
a year ago
He's rocking the skirt and the dancing, but thankfully he still looks and acts all manly.
a year ago·Reply
@TaraJenner lmaoo..Daddy JaeBum can't act anyother Just Manly.. he he..
a year ago·Reply
they still are prettier than me LOL
a year ago·Reply