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When College Starts Tomorrow...
Meme's in honor of college starting tomorrow. I know it starts for @JiyongLeo tomorrow and @Isolate soon too!This goes out to everyone who starts school or college tomorrow or within the next few weeks!!
Everyone I wish you the best of luck in school!!
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I start Thursday... Someone, kill us all now. 馃槶馃槶
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Ikr please!!
a year ago
lol Im not ready for classes to start tomorrow~ ><
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Me either!
a year ago
It's so sad but these memes remind me of my times in college. The struggle was real for some classes. Thank goodness it's all over now.
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Thank you so much!
a year ago
I don't start school until the 29th so I still have a week left to do absolutely nothing 馃槀. I planned my schedule so my earliest class is at 11 though so I don't have to wake up early. For everyone who is starting school tomorrow... I'm sorry.
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@StephanieDuong That's how it was for me last year!!!
a year ago
I can't wait to go to community college next week! Not only that, I have orientation on Wednesday at 6!
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