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Read at your own risk if you haven't watched the first four episodes.
In episode 4, we found out Ha-Won's father is actually her 'adoptive' father. We have no idea how it happened. However, we were given a clue the adoptive father might be searching for Ha-Won's biological father with the surname Kang.

Is this a coincidence?

Probably not. Here are my thoughts: 1. The writer might be hinting Ha-won could be one of Grandpa Kang's descendant. Which gives the entitlement to be considered as candidate for the heir. 2. The writer is tricking us into think she's related but actually the man the father is looking for is Ji-woon's father.

How will Ha-Won become the Cinderella of this drama?

Will she be competing with the boys or will she fall in love with one of them? What do you think?

I think the "adoptive" father is actually her real father but he was paid by the Kang Grandfather to say that he wasn't her father to make her leave and work at the Sky House, but another thing could be that he is her adoptive father and she is a Kang grandaughter. This being related to the 3 grandsons. But for some reason I am feeling that Kang Ji Woon is actually not a Kang grandson because he asks why does he have to act as Kang Ji Woon when he was Han Ji Woon. That was suspicious... If she is related to the other two grandsons then that rules out them, cross out the secretary too because why not? And the only man left for her is Ji Woon and the end. 馃榿 That sounds good to me!
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haha atleast you read it. That's what I'm saying, he is a jerk but usually when a guy likes a girl they are jerks to them... *hint, hint* HE LIKES HER! Yes, I agree Ji-woon is approaching with bad intentions right now and I feel like that will cause some drama later on but we wouldn't have a drama without any drama. That's what makes a drama so great in my opinion.
That's what I was thinking too. But if she's related to grandpa then the love line gets a little creepy 馃槀. However, if she is I thinks she jumps to the number one spot for being the heir, because she is the responsible one 馃槅.
Haha maybe that's the grandpa's trick to get all the cousins to release the tension.
I think one of them will be her half brother. still working on this though.
Ah nvm, I just read your other card
the show called CFK? did I miss something?
Cinderella and the four knight is too long, so I just abbreviated it. 馃槀
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