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i was logged out from vingle so i logged back in and now everything is gone does someone know if you can do something about it.. or do i have to start all over again?? :( i didn't really make cards but i clipped alot of cards and it's just all gone... gone,gone,gone.. sorry for the stupid card tho.. hopefully this pictures make it better ^^
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I got logged out but everything was there so I don't know what's happening but I wish I could help
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@IsabellaCherry nvrm i just realized that i have 2 acc and i don't know how i did this... and omg i'm so confused now hahahha sorry for everyone reading this... i hope you all like the pictures tho hahahha byeee :"D
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@ysmn016 it's ok
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the pics made it perfect. good to hear it's all worked out :)
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um... vingle had a weird maintenance thing going on and it changed alot like I was writing a fanfic a chapter of it and I saved it to finish later and like it erases it instead
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